Fire Emblem Cheats

Fire Emblem Glitches

  • GBA | Submitted by Matt

    Sweet Axe and Bow

    This will get the venim weapons.

    First get to the level with all the priests all over the place (I think it Ch. 22) . There're two guys at the top of the map, each will have a venim weapon and steel axe or bow. You will need volky and the kid to get them (and you might need some one with a bow). Click on the two at the top find out where they will go use someone how will make them use the steel axe or bow. Steel the venim weapons from the two and you will have the Venim.

  • GBA | Submitted by Hint-master

    An Instruction Booklet Glitch

    In the Fire Emblem instruction booklet it says that thieves can't change class. But, in ch. 27x (Hector's Tale), Sonia has an item called Fell Contract. This will allow a thief lvl 10 or up to upgrade to an assassin! Tip: Legault is already lv. 12 when you get him.

Fire Emblem Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by Alain Grimm

    Pegasus Arrow Protection

    There is an item called the Delphi Shield that protects units from arrows. This is very useful for Pegasus/Falco knights and Wyvren Riders/Lords who take larger amounts of damage than a normal unit would. By having the Shield in the unit's inventory they would treat the arrow attacks normally, instead of taking the extra damage.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jo Mama

    Triangle Attack

    In Hector's campaign, if you can get all three pegasus knights you can make a triangle attack with them. That attack will be a critical hit every time.

  • GBA | Submitted by Kavu

    Secret Upgrade Items

    Fell Contract: Defeat Sonja or steal it from Sonja in Chapter 26x.

    Ocean Seal: Found in Chapter 22 by moving a thief onto the bottom right corner of the map.

    Hero Crest #1: In Chapter 20(21) have a thief steal it from Oleg.

    Hero Crest #2: In Chapter 22(23), send a unit with high luck to the area left of the top-most skeleton.

    Guiding Ring #1: In Chapter 22(23), have a thief steal it from Jasmine.

    Knight Crest: In Chapter 24(26), have a thief steal it from the southern-most Cavalier.

    Guilding Ring #2: In Chapter 27(29), have a thief steal it from one of the snipers on the western side of the temple.

  • GBA | Submitted by MylesMaster

    In Game Reset

    Type in A, B, Select and Start in order and it will reset the chapter.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jeff Peters

    Red gems

    When ever you have a red gem don't save it go to a shop when ever u can (it doesn't do anything) it is worth 2500 gold so sell it so you can by more stuff!

  • GBA | Submitted by Josh X

    Weapon Advantages

    An Ax is stronger than a lance.
    A Sword is stronger than a Ax.
    A lance is stronger than a sword.
    It is like Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    Thunder/ Lightening is stronger than Fulx.
    Fulx is Stronger than Fire.
    Fire is stronger than Thunder .

  • GBA | Submitted by liveboy21

    Weapons triage and trinity of magic

    axes bests lances
    lances bests swords
    swords bests axes

    dark magic(flux) bests anima magic(fire/thunder)
    anima magic bests holy magic (lightning)
    holy magic bests dark magic

    however, throughout the game, there will be weapons which can upset this "triangle". one example is the lancereaver, it is a sword that is good against lances even though lances usually beat swords. one good strategy is to give a lance, a sword and a lancereaver to kent/sain once you get the lancereaver. this would make them able to best the enemy, whether it be axe-wielding, lance-wielding or sword-wielding.

    also, another rule is that arrows ALWAYS deal critical damage to pegusi knights (critical = 3 times damage)

  • GBA | Submitted by Thomas McNamara

    Secret Shop

    In chapter 19 there will be a thief that comes out of the stairs. Use Matthew or Legault(you get legault in chapter 19) to steal his membership card before he runs away. Then go all the way down to the bottom corner of the map with the membership card and there will be a secret shop. You can buy rare items there.

Fire Emblem Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by Kavu

    Extended Ending

    Get a support level A between Eilwood and Lyn. Just before the corronation ceramony there will be some extra dialogue. There will also be a different picture after the final Chapter.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jaffar

    How to Get Jaffar in Chapter 26

    To get Jaffar in chapter 26 you must first talk to Nino with Elliwood, then rescue Jaffar with Prisscrilla. After that kill the boss if you want to but do not talk to the prince, otherwise you won't get Jaffar. After the misson is over you will get a chance to go on a side quest. Accept and you get Jaffar in that mission.

  • GBA | Submitted by Fire Emblem Master

    Unlock All Characters & All Side Quests

    Eliwood's Story

    Level 11:

    Level 12:

    Level 13:
    Guy-Have Matthew talk to Guy(Guy will attack if you enter his range)
    Level 13x-visit the northwest village

    Level 13x:

    Level 14:
    Erk-Have Serra talk to Erk
    Priscilla-Visit the village nearby the armory and vendor(Be quick otherwise the pirates or brigands will attack it)

    Level 15:
    All Characters-auto

    Level 16:
    Raven-Have Priscilla talk to Raven
    Lucius-Have Raven talk to Lucius
    Level 16x-Save at least 1 Caelin Soldier(if you save all 3, you get a red gem)

    Level 16x:
    Canas-Visit the village next to the inn

    Level 17:

    Level 18:
    Fiora-Have Florina talk to Fiora
    Level 18x-Beat the leve in 15 turns or less

    Level 18x:

    Level 19:
    Legault-Talk to him with any of the lords(be quick otherwise he'll take 2 of the treasures then leave.)

    Level 20:
    Ninian-auto(she can't attack so keep her out of danger)

    Level 21:
    Heath-Speak to him with any of the lords or ninian(I dont reccomend using Lyn because she has to talk to Rath on the other side of the map)
    Rath-Have Lyn talk to him

    Level 22:
    Hawkeye-Have Eliwood speak to him(He'll first show up in the south so have Eliwood get down there)
    Level 22x-Get Hawkeye on your team and earn 700 or more EP

    Level 22x:
    Level 23 (1)-if you add up your lord's levels and they equal 49 or less, you'll go here(has fog but easy boss because the boss wont move)
    Level 23 (2)-if they equal 50 or more, you'll go here(has hard boss but no fog)

    Level 23 (1):
    Wallace-Talk to him with Lyn, Kent, Sain, Wil, or Florina

    Level 23 (2):
    Geitz-Talk to him with Dart(have a high defense unit stand in his range so he'll attack with his bow because he's strong enough to take out Dart with is axe.)

    Level 24:

    Level 25(1):If your Troubadour, Mage, Cleric, and Monk levels are higher than you Fighter, Mercenary, and Myrmidon levels

    If you defeat two or more bishops, druids, or sages before the end of the ninth turn, Harken will appear. If you defeat one or fewer, Karel will show up. Speak to either one with Eliwood.

    Level 25(2):
    If you have opened four or more doors by the end of the ninth turn, Karel will appear. If you've opened three or fewer, it is Harken whowill pay you a visit. Have Eliwood speak to either man to gain a new recruit.

    Level 26:
    Nino-Talk to her with Eliwood or Lyn
    Level 26x-Get Nino on your team then have her talk to Jaffar(Guard Nino or rescue Jaffar and bring him to her)

    Level 26x:

    Level 27:
    Vaida-When you pass the forts near the shrine, she'll appear in the southeast corner. Have Eliwood talk to her.

    Level 28:

    Level 29:
    Level 29x-just beat level 29

    Level 30:
    Renault-Visit the village in the far north edge of the map (hurry, brigands will destroy it by the 11th turn)

  • GBA | Submitted by Won Joon

    Start with Eliwood and get Lyn Later

    Just beat the game and watch the credits, then when it asks you to save, save then press continue game. This time you start with eliwood and team up with lyn later.

  • GBA | Submitted by Daniel Danio

    How to unlock Hector with Hard mode.

    One way to unlock Hector on Hard mode is to beat the game once. The second way is to beat Hectors normal mode.

Fire Emblem Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Alexander

    Control enemy units

    Ok this cheat is perfect for gaining exp for characters that you like but you just can't get good! Make sure a Mine is in your inventory select a character to hold it and place it in a spot were a early moving enemy goes and if he steps on it while it is exploding soft reset. then return to the game and it will finish exploding and then any units that hadn't moved yet will be under your control for the rest of the turn then it will be your turn and the cheat is off.

    Note: you can have the enemies drop all their weapons and you can kill them easily. Especially Bosses.