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  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    End game bonuses

    Beat the game

    Battle Records:

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    Maniac Mode (JP only): (Hard Mode)

  • Wii | Submitted by DAllas

    Lehran (Sephiran)

    To unlock Lehran you must have Ike talk to the Black Knight in the part 3. I forget what chapter, but it is when you are controlling the mercenaries and fighting Daein. then after you kill Lehran in chapter 4, he joins you.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Hints

  • Wii | Submitted by MLL: Mia rulez

    Quick Win

    In part 2: Final you are defending the castle. For a quick win simply send Haar straight to the boss. It's almost 100% guaranteed he wont die. Make sure to have him as a Dragon Master if you attempt this.

  • Wii | Submitted by Astrid and Mia Rule!!

    Hidden Potential

    Whole game

    One of Fire Emblem's most impressive features is its overwhelming variety of characters. Most people choose the exact same ones to toughen up. BUT: Believe it or not, there are other characters worth training besides Ike, Soren and the lot. Here are a few and why you should give them more credit.

    Elincia - Okay. Just listen. Elincia has a sword that will NEVER break and allows her to attack four times! I leveled her up a bit, and she was one of my prime laguz killers. That's right. She can take down dragons. (NOTE: Make sure to get rid of her annoying Mercy ability. It lets should be dead enemies survive with 1 hp)

    Meg - Most of us ditch her for Brom. But Meg has the highest speed stat of any knight in the game. She makes a wicked secret weapon. No one expects a fast knight.

    Mist - Most of the time Mist rots at the bottom of the roster. But, leveled up, she can become a valkrie, a one-of-a-kind awesome unit.

    Ilyana - She is often abandoned for already strong magics like Soren, Callil, and Tormod. But, properly trained, she can outshine most of them.

    Kurth - Only available towards the end of the game, Kurth is full of unrealized potential. Leveled up, he can own the battlefield.

    Astrid - Oh. My. God. Astrid is awesome. She gains twice the experience of everyone else, is really fast once she gets going, and can become a defensive wall. I got her to a lv 20 silver knight and boy was it worth it.

    Mia - Okay. I'll be honest. She isn't THAT overlooked. But she's my all time favorite unit, so I just had to include her. She is inhumanly fast and can easily equip Alondite.

    Do yourself a favor and try these characters out.

  • Wii | Submitted by Sad for Sephiran

    Blessed Weapons

    No only is the final level like two hours long, insanely hard and full of tough enimies, the last 3 bosses (Dhegnesia, Sephiran, and Ashera) all have the super awesome ability Mantle. This ability makes them totally immune to all of your attacks! There is only one way around this wall. In the middle of the level, Yune tells you to equip your best weapons. These become blessed, not only raising your stats but completely negating Mantle's protective effects.

  • Wii | Submitted by Dallas


    Hero - Vanguard (Ike)
    Myrimidon - Swordmaster - Trueblade
    Solider - Halberdier - Sentinel
    Fighter - Warrior - Reaver
    Archer - Sniper - Marksman
    Lance/Axe/Sword Armor - Axe/Lance/Sword General - Marshall
    Thief - Rogue - Whisper
    Assasin don't change (Volke)
    Fire/Wind/Thunder Mage - Fire/Wind/Thunder Sage - Archsage
    Light Mage - Light Sage - Light Priestess (Micaiah)
    Dark Sage - Archsage (Pelleas)
    Empress (Sanaki)
    Chancellor (Sephiran)
    Priest - Bishop-Saint
    Cleric - Valkyrie(Mist)
    Sword/Axe/Lance/Bow Knight - Sword/Axe/Lance Bow Paladin - Gold/Silver Knights
    Pegusus Knight - Falconknight - Seraph Knight
    Dragonknight - Dragonmaster - Dragonlord

  • Wii | Submitted by Fire Emblem Freak


    One of the most important and awesome abilities in the game is called Nihil. This ability negates the abilities of the opponent completely. Astra? Denied. Flare? Finished. Even the incredible Aurora ability of Ashera'a aura? Negated. Using this ability wisely can make killing some of the games hardest bosses easy. Unfortunately, Nihil does not affect the ability Mantle, but that's the only one.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Cheats

  • Wii | Submitted by derek bush, x gamer

    Unlock Haar

    AranPart 1, Chapter 3: Speak to him with Laura.
    CalillPart 2, Final: View the info conversation before 2-F.
    DevdanPart 2, Chapter 3: View the info conversation before 2-3.
    FionaPart 1, Chapter 7: Joins automatically if she survived 1-6.
    GarethPart 4, Final: Joins automatically if he survived part 3 of the final chapter.
    HaarPart 2, Prologue: Speak to him with Marcia.
    HeatherPart 2, Chapter 1: Speak to her with Brom or Nephenee.
    JanaffPart 3, Chapter 8: Speak to him with Ike or Reyson.
    LehranPart 4, Final: Joins automatically after viewing Ike's memory scene (second playthrough or higher)
    MegPart 1, Chapter 4: View the info conversation before 1-4.
    MuarimPart 1, Chapter 7: Joins automatically when Tormod is recruited.
    NasirPart 4, Final: Joins automatically if he survived part 3 of the final chapter.
    OliverPart 4, Chapter 4: Speak to him with Rafiel.
    PelleasPart 4, Chapter 2: Joins automatically if he survived 3-13 (second playthrough or higher)
    RenningPart 4, Final: View the info conversation before 4-F.
    StefanPart 4, Chapter 3: Move Micaiah, Lethe or Mordecai onto the tile 11 up and 1 accross from the bottom right tile.
    TormodPart 1, Chapter 7: Speak to him with Sothe.
    UlkiPart 3, Chapter 8: Speak to him with Ike or Reyson.
    VikaPart 1, Chapter 7: Joins automatically when Tormod is recruited.
    VolkePart 4, Chapter 5: Pay him 3000G with Bastian or Elincia.
    VolugPart 1, Chapter 5: View the info conversation before 1-5.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Glitches

  • Wii | Submitted by Fire Emblem Freak

    Endgame Glitch

    In the third part of the massive 2 hour long final level, you take one almost the entire dragon laguz nation. This might seem impossible to do, but there's a combat glitch that makes it easy. Ena and Kurth are immune in this battle. No one but the boss will attack them.