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Final Fantasy XIII: 9 plausible plot predictions

6. Lightning starts to turn into a l'Cie corpse

FFXIII’s story revolves around the Fal’Cie and the ’Cie. The former are divine beings, transformed by crystals that fuse with them. The latter are regular humans chosen by the Fal’Cie to carry out a mission – or Focus, in Final Fantasy speak. If a l’Cie fails to carry out their quest, well, they turn into an undead monster called a l’Cie corpse. As we mentioned earlier, leading lady Lightning’s Focus is to destroy Cocoon. A seemingly impossible task, no? Maybe that’s why this year’s E3 trailer shows our girl clutching her chest, gasping the words ‘I can barely keep myself alive, let alone some kid!’ at a gormless Hope. Oh dear. Better meet that deadline, eh?

7. Vanille is working for the enemy

With the introduction of several new characters, pig-tailed Vanille has stepped out of the limelight. So you can be forgiven for forgetting that in a very early trailer, she’s seen walking towards nasty Jihl, who tells her that ‘for every task, there’s a perfect tool’. In the new TGS trailer, she collapses at Serah’s feet, crying ‘I’m sorry!’ An admittance of guilt?

Furthermore, the same trailer shows a despondent Vanille screaming ‘Shoot me!’ at a furious Sazh, who points a gun at her and yells ‘you think you’ll be forgiven if you die?!’ Now, remember that at some point, Sazh’s adorable dimple-cheeked son will be abducted by PSICOM. Could there be a touch of FFVII’s two-timing Cait Sith in her? Either way, never trust a girl who wears more beads than clothes.

8. Lightning betrays the Fal’Cie

On the subject of betrayal, will Lightning really carry out her monumental mission? She does seem to voice her resentment towards the Fal’Cie to anyone who’ll listen. Her most recent admonishment comes when she addresses her motley crew during the TGS trailer: ‘the Fal’Cie think humans are tools. I’m not going to die for one of them.’ When Sazh asks her what they’ll do, she coldly replies ‘destroy it’. Well. Even if she does go on with her mission, at least one Fal’Cie is going to get their butt kicked. If they have butts.

9. FFXIII is given the movie treatment, ala Advent Children

During a recent interview, FFXIII’s producer and all-round legend Yoshinori Kitase was asked whether or not FFXIII would go the way of FFVII and be expanded with a CGI-movie. ‘Anything’s possible,’ he replied, a cheeky glint in his eyes.

XIII already has a web novel (availablehere- if you can read Japanese, that is) that explores the run-up to Lightning’s adventures. Also, XIII is already part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection, which includes FF Versus XIII (currently M.I.A) and Agito XIII (the PSP installation). Although these games aren’t directly related, they’re set in the same universe. So it’d make sense if the Crystallis brand branches out into further forms of media. Come on, Square - you know we’d buy it.

07 Oct, 2009

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