Final Fantasy XI: The Treasures of Aht Urghan

To seasoned Final Fantasy fans, Blue Mage is perhaps the most exciting of the new classes. Blue Mages learn the abilities of the monsters they defeat and subsequently uses these abilities against them in future battles. Given the ability to constantly grab new spells, the Blue Mage could end up learning more spells than any other mage to date - which so far includes Red, White and Black Mages as well as Summoners. However, they'll only be able to venture out with a limited number of them; only so many spells can be equipped at a time. The number will grow as you level up. Blue Mages will no doubt learn a number of offensive spells, but the addition of support spells and the flexibility of the system promises to allow Blue Mages to fill many roles.

Fans were surprised when it seemed Square Enix responded to the internet "Pirates vs Ninjas" argument with the creation of the Corsair. Counterintuitively, Corsairs are support characters, using special "hexaguns" and gambling-based abilities to back up the party. The Corsair's abilities are drawn from party members, and subsequently enhanced via the Corsair's blackjack-like card mechanic. Corsairs also possess a "card shot" ability, by which they can deal elemental damage and reinforce status effects placed on monsters by other party members.

The final new job, Puppetmaster, remains shrouded in mystery. Beyond appearances - clothed in clownish attire and followed by a puppet - little is known about the abilities of the Puppetmaster. It's believed players may be able to manipulate the enemy as well. The puppets themselves are known as "automatons," and it's said there will be multiple puppets for players to employ.