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Final Fantasy IV Advance Cheats

An addictive and rollicking RPG adventure that never stops. It's great for long-time fans or as an introduction to the FF universe.

Final Fantasy IV Advance FAQs

Final Fantasy IV Advance Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by Luigi's Da Bomb!!!98

    How to Get the Mist Ring

    When you beat the game, fly to the new dungeon named Lunar Ruins. You need Rydia in your party & you need her when you beat Zeromus. Lunar Ruins is a giant dungeon with 50 floors, go up about 10-20 floors until you hear some music which sounds familiar to Rydia. Save the game & enter the door. Rydia will wandor off to far into the cave & go into some strange mist. She turned to a girl again!!! She is also missing 4 summon spells. Find them & battle them! 1. Rahma. Blast him with powerful spells.60,000 hp. 2. Shiva. Blast her with Figra.64,000 hp. 3.Ifrit. Blast him with Blizzaga. 70,000 hp 4. Titan. Cast flare & meteor on him.75,000 hp. After those short fights get ready to have a long one against... Lunar Dragon!!! 5. Lunar Dragon. Use same stategy as you did for Titan . Heal with Rosa & attack with your men (Cecil & Edge). It has 105,000 HP. After he dies you'll get the Mist Ring for Rydia (It boosts attack,defence,& magic power).

  • GBA | Submitted by Luigi's Da Bomb 98!!!

    How to beat Zeromus

    Lunar Subterrane B12F

    Bring along Cecil,Rosa,Edge,Rydia,& Palom. Also bring lots of Elixers, Megalixirs & Phonenix Downs. First use the crystal that Goblez gave you on Zeromus. You will be able to attack him now. Make sure Cecil has Rangaroc equiped. Attack with Cecil, cast Flare with Palom, summon Bahamut with Rydia, cast Curja with Rosa every turn on everyone, and throw and attack with Edge. Zero will use an attack called Big Bang. It takes away 1000-3000 HP away from everyone. Cure fast and repeat the attacks to kill Zeromus.

  • GBA | Submitted by Luigi's Da Bomb!!!98

    How to Beat Dark Bahamut

    Make sure everyone is on level 50 or around it. Make your way to D. Bahamut. As soon as you start D. Bahamut will use Mega Flare good thing you're on level 50,It won't kill anyone! Use Curaja on everyone with Rosa. Attack with Cecil & Edge, Cast flare with both Rydia & Palom. Put you're game face on he's got 60,000 hp! Go to Zeromus next! (I posted how to beat Zeromus. If it appears on this website read it! It'll help you alot!!)

  • GBA | Submitted by YAR

    Unlocking Doors in the Bonus Dungeon

    To unlock all the doors to the Lunar Ruins (the secret dungeon) you need to defeat Zeromus 3 times. The party you defeated Zeromus with will have their doors open. There are 10 doors in the Lunar Ruins that only certain charaters can go in. Since you can only have 4 different characters in your party ( Cecil must be in your party) you need to go through the palace thing 3 times. Oh By the way, at the end of Lunar Ruins is a tough boss with 200,000 health.

  • GBA | Submitted by Edgeman

    How to Get Excalibur

    On your second trip to the underworld (when you control the airship down there) go to a lone house in the south and you should be in Kokkol's smithy. Talk to him and he will tell you that he's looking for the adamant stone. Go to the cave of summons and look for the rat tail in the village there. Then when you can go back to the upper world go to the small cave by Mythril village (you need the hovercraft to access it) then give the rat's tail to the guy in there and he will give you the Adamant. Then Kokkol will forge your legenary sword into the excalibur but you wont get it back until you return from the moon.

  • GBA | Submitted by the biggest Sum 41 fan

    Good Training Areas

    It is a REALLY good idea to train your characters by the city of Troia. You usally get the same five enemies every time. You get two Treants, and three Hell Needles. When you beat them you recieve 956 gil, and 868 exp. When you are really strong (like LV.30 or higher) go up north to the place with the huge tower and train there. Watch out! These enemies are really tough! Some give you about 1500 exp. for beating them.( you are going to need the airship to get to either of these spots.)

Final Fantasy IV Advance Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by Drache

    Music Player

    After you beat the game once it will be unlocked on the main menu in the "Extra" area.

  • GBA | Submitted by jonathan

    50 Floor Dungeon

    To get to the 50 floor dungeon beat the game once then fly around on the moon's surface untill you find a head shaped boulder with a face on it.

Final Fantasy IV Advance Easter Eggs

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easter Egg Room

    Okay, when you are in the dwarven castle (underword) go behind the wall in between the weapons and items (or armor, I forgot which(one) to find a secret room with a dancing dwarf in it (note: this is not the secret). Go in the secret wall at the bottom right corner of the room. You will then find the easter egg room, It's pretty much just a room with the producers portrayed as FF charters.