Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Cheats

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by The Weapon Maker

    Getting Money To Make Weapons

    Go to River Belle and collect all the stuff dropped by an enemy (including the weapon scrolls and orbs for easier defeating enemies) then go to Mushroom Forest and do the same thing. Then go to Marr's Pass and sell everything except scrolls. From The mushroom place you should have obtained iron + Scrolls from River Belle. Go to blacksmith to right. Use the money from selling stuff to make weapons. Bravo! with new weapons it's easier to get stuff to sell to buy more weapons.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Sky

    Last Area In Final Dungeon

    Once you have obtained the hidden element from the Lynari desert go past the Fields of Fum an into the Rebena Plains. Keep following the caravan trail until you reach a Miasma stream that will have no element but rather a question mark. Enter and pass through this to end up in the area called The Abyss. In this area there is only one town and a dungeon. The town is of no real use the first time you arrive there so just enter and leave it. Head out to the end of the trail and enter the dungeon called "Mount Vellenge". Even with substantial upgrades this dungeon is not easy. A cure ring will definitely help here. Most enemies will take a good chunk of your health so stay on top of your heart count,also bring as many Phoenix Down as you can reasonably carry(about 10 or so should do the job.) Find your way down to the last boss and watch it all come together at the end when you beat out though...another boss awaist after the first....and Raem is no pushover. Enjoy the fight and the reward that follows.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Damon Hillman

    how to Fix the Dry River

    In the 4th year the river will be dried up. Go to veo lu sluice (you will need the spell of Life to do this). You will see that the water in the pits are gone. You will also see the plants that are a part of the pits. They have withered for some reason and you have to bring them back alive. All you have to do is use the life spell once on them and they will be back to life bring them all back to life for the river to start running again. There, Problem Solved!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Ravenkiko

    Easy Pheonix Plumes/Down

    For easy Plumes (brings you back to life) go to The Mushroom Forest the 2nd+ time you beat it (if you beat it in year one come back anywhere from year 3 on) and turn right, beat that monster (has like a whip on it's head and hops around) for a Plume, come back as many times as you want for another Plume!

  • GameCube | Submitted by RubyRaichu

    Get Advanced Equipment Early

    This if done right can give you a big boost in the early part of the game(best done at the start of a new game)

    First off enter the river belle path and grab everything you find beat the level then cross the miasama stream and enter the mushroom forest once agian grab everything and beat the level then go to marr's pass and sell everything but a chunk of iron you need this for later. Then buy a piece of alloy and the design for the warriors weapon then craft it(If you are short of gil then renter the mushroom forest and grab everything until you get to the first hot spot teleport out and sell everything) then enter the mushroom forest a second time and grab every thing then exit(Make sure you have a chunk of iron!)
    Sell all but a piece of iron buy the design for iron armor and craft it do all these steps again for your race special equipment (remember iron!)

    It Takes About 30 minutes you are quick if your slower it takes 40-1 hour

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mog

    The Colores of mog.

    If you paint Mog he will help you in battle by casting a spell according to what color he is painted (only if he is not holding the Chalice). Blue, he will cast Blizzard , Red he will cast Fire, Green he will cast Thunder. The more of one color he is the the better the chances he will help you.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mog

    Shave Mog

    If you shave mog after you go to a dungeon were there is a lot of heat like a desert or a volcano he will not get tired as often and make you carry the Crystal Chalice.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Brendan B.

    Beating the boss Giant Crab

    In River Belle Path to beat the boss use Fire, Holy, and Blizzard spells to do the most damage. He is immune to thunder spells. If you are a Lilty don't try spells go in for combos and Focus Attacks.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Marty S.

    Artifact Tips

    Once you've collected a drop of myrrh from any area, you can't collect another drop or letter until the next cycle, two years later. But, if you return to an area before the next myrrh cycle, you can still beat the boss and collect an artifact. You can do this as many times as you want, until the area has none left.

  • GameCube | Submitted by KatApples

    Hidden items

    In every town without monsters there's a hidden item somewhere. You can find the following items their in order:

    1.wheat seed
    2.bronze shard
    4.iron shard
    5.fruit seed
    7.fruit seed
    9.fruit seed
    10.mark of shella
    11.spring water
    12.vegetable seed
    14.vegetable seed
    16.vegetable seed
    20.pressed flower
    23.spring water
    24.spring water
    25.ancient potion

  • GameCube | Submitted by Marty S.

    Moogle Spellcasting

    When Mog says, "Hang in there, kupo," he will cast a spell with you. Make him drop the chalice and charge up your own spell, and he'll target a spell on the same spot. (In single player Rebana Te Ra, this is the only way to activate some switches.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by k-gamemaster

    What cows are for

    There is Cow racing in Fields of Fum, here are the odds for each cow, just talk to Morris
    White 7:1
    Black 4:1
    yellow 8:1
    green 6:1
    orange 5:1
    pink 10:1
    ,You can also buy Cows for 500 dollars, just talk to Mileu

  • GameCube | Submitted by Kretz

    Beat Orc King

    You can defeat Orc King by using either magic or weapon attacks. In single player mode, fuse Blizzara in your command list and attack from a distance to damage the Orc King while freezing the pesky Orcs around him. Attacking with physical attacks will also work if your defense is high enough. (With a Selkie you can again stick to using your focus attacks because you lessen your chance of the Orc King hitting you with an attack. Also, with the Orcs that the boss summons, lure them away from the boss and pummel them, otherwise you'll get pummeled.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Tips for boss battles

    GIANT CRAB(single player)
    Use your best spells on the big ol' thing. You'll most likely be able to use blizzaga by the time you get to him. If you do USE IT! It's quite a good move it took just a little while to beat him as a yuke for me. Use focus attacks on him too, especially when he's charging up the his electrical moves.
    GIANT CRAB(multi player)
    Fighting this boss as a team is pretty easy. One player can get it's attention from the front while the others go around and beat on it. If you have 3 players attacking the thing from behind and one attacking it's front don't worry about focus attacks, you should be able to beat him fast enough.
    MALBORO(single player)
    This thing will turn to face you most of the time. When it powers up for an attack run to the other side to avoid getting hit and beat on the thing. Use fire moves to attack him if you have good enough magic. Either way this boss is unbelievably easy.
    MALBORO(multi player)
    It's best to use Fira or Firaga on this boss. If those aren't available due to others not having fire, someone can use fire and another can use a focus attack to create flamestrike.(i've tried flamestrike a lot it's pretty hard to do) Or you could just gang up on the thing and hope for the best. (I don't recommend it though)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Zector

    Beating The Wizard Goblin Boss

    After the movie scene, he will send about five smaller goblins. Kill them in order to get two keys to open the door to the boss. He will warp to a different area if you get to close. He then will either poisen you or shock you. Some small goblins will eventually attack you. The best way to kill him is to use the spell slow if you have it and use many charge up attacks. His spells take long to fire so you can easily avoid them. I have found that thunder and gravity work well against him. Attack him like this for around five minutes and he should be dead. Don't forget to use cure, for you will need it if you get hit.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Kretz

    Beat Goblin King

    The Goblin King waits behind a double-locked gate. Defeat the entry-area goblins to get the two keys. As you attack the king, Goblin duos will often storm the scene. Position yourself so both Goblins stop and strike at once, then beat a hasty retreat and power up a felling blow against both as they advance in tandom. (With Selkies, destroy one Spear Goblin and then let the other chase you to some part of the room. Run away fast and/or good enough and he won't follow allowing you to easily defeat the slow moving king who you can now easily take down with focus attacks while dodging his magic attacks)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Robert Pol

    Mushroom Forest Boss

    Your first priority is to take out the smaller plants so you can put your full attention on the boss.Once they're gone(they will reappear every now and then, just kill them again-they're much weaker than before) start attacking the boss. It helps if you're using a Lilty or Yuke. Naturally if you're using a Lilty simply charge up and attack AFTER he's attacked with his vines or After you've moved out of the way of where he is attacking, the same applies for the yuke except with magic. Repeat this a you should be done in a matter of minutes.

  • GameCube | Submitted by yuke master

    Moogle Nest

    In the book the of the game it does not tell you where 1 of the moogle nests are its. kilanda there are 2 parts of this area it is in the 1st one as soon as you start beat these enemies and go to a mini volcano once you get across beat the enemies to the right you'll notice a grass piece at the top look in the left cave and examine

  • GameCube | Submitted by Brian

    5000 Gil (money)

    At the beginning of the game talk to the village leader 2 time and then talk to your mom then talk to the farmer then you will receive 5000 gil

  • GameCube | Submitted by nicky

    How to Get the Legend Weapon

    If you want the legend weapon you must go your eleventh year to river belle path than beat the giant crab and leave a space in your item list open and than choose the artifact --> The legend weapon.
    what do you need for the legend weapon:
    1x alloy
    1x ancient potion
    1x orchracilum

    The ancient potion you can get by mushroom forest. after you beat de final boss of mushroom forest than choose it by artifacts after the sixth year
    The orchracilum you can get by choral church
    you can steal it from the big purple beasts.
    or you can choose it by artifacts

  • GameCube | Submitted by Kenshin Himora

    Easy Battle Strategies

    There are different strategies for different enemies. Here are some of the best ones.

    Bosses:When you are facing a boss DO NOT use magic. If you use magic the bosses alli will have time to attack. Instead, just run up behind the boss, attack him once or twice, then run back. An even better one is to run up, attack head on, and take some damage along with you're enemy. Then run far away from battle, and use cure on yourself. It restores all of you're health. Keep repeating this process until he's dead.

    Ememies: For enemies, all you need to do is attack once, back away, attack twice, back away, do a bouble attack, and you win.

    Magic enemies: Just wait for them to use the attack, and when they are charging up, go behind them, and finish them off.

    Slow enemies: Basically the same thing as for the magic enemies.

    Squirrels and bats: These are some of the hardest enemies in the game. Even though there small, they take 5 hits to kill, and they keep attacking. The best way to kill these guys are to continuously move backwards as it tries to attack you. When you get the chance, use magic on it. Keep using magic on it until it's dead.

    Bosses servants: Whenever you face a boss, it calls for the help of an alli, and the farther you get in the game, the tougher they are. First of all, you ALWAYS kill the alli first. It could be any game from "Skies of arcadia legions" to "House of the dead". Always kill the alli first. After that then use cure on yourself, and the boss is all yours.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Jesse Turnbull

    What the different jobs do and what the classes are

    Blacksmith- Can make equipment out of scrolls you may have

    Miller- Mills wheat into flour.

    Taylor- can synth accessories

    Fisherman- Catches fish for your journey

    Farmer- Gives you grain for your journey

    Merchant- Opens up a shop where you can buy synthing materials

    Herder- Produces milk for your journey

    Alchemist- Makes synthing Scrolls for you

    Clavat- Wields Swords and have the best Defense in the game

    Lilty- Wields Axes and have the best Offense in the game

    Yuke- Wields Staffs and have the best magic in the game

    Selkie- Wields Bats and have the best Agility in the game

  • GameCube | Submitted by CBM

    All Items-Easier

    This isn't exactly a cheat but a good hint. When creating your character you can alter the job your family specializes in. By getting further in the game, you get more rare items according to your job. In order to get all the rare items easily all you have to do is make eight files. Make each of the files have different jobs and beat the game with all of them. Then you should have every rare item and can trade them to one file to pump him/her up!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Jesse Turnbull

    What the different mog colors do

    Green- Monster Scan map
    Red- Enemy location Scan
    Blue- Treasure Chest location Scan

  • GameCube | Submitted by jonathan

    These are the monsters that appear during Game play:

    Dark hedghog: 15hp
    restiant :none
    vulnerable: Holy

    Goblin: 12hp
    vulnerable :fire,lighting

    Goblin (mace):18hp
    vulnerable: fire,lighting

    Goblin (spear):15hp
    vulnerable: fire,lighting

    Goblin chieftain:24hp
    vulnerable :fire

    Goblin mage:12hp
    vulnerable: fire,lighting

    vulnerable: fire

    hedgehog pie:12hp
    vulnerable: fire,ice,lighting

    mu :10hp
    vulnerable: fire,ice

    stone hedgehog:8hp
    vulnerable: gravity

  • GameCube | Submitted by Cmonty

    Misama Streams

    The miasama streams rotate in this order


    After your fourth year you won't be able to take the ships past the streams due to the river drying up.

  • GameCube | Submitted by LiQuiD_Spider

    Secret Moogle stamp

    Go behind the big crystal in the main city, it will say "examine". Press "A". You'll enter in a moogle house. Talk to him and you'll have stamp.

  • GameCube | Submitted by ShiningHark

    Single Player Spell Fusion

    In single player mode, you can combine spells like Blizzard and Blizzard and get Blizzara, thats easy. To fuse farther, in battle when Mog says "Hang in there, Kupo" immediatly push X (so he drops the chalice) and pull up a spell and move the target to your enemy. You'll notice another target following yours, thats Mog. Practice and time it right to produce major magic spells!(You can also choose what spell Mog is likely to cast by painting him in the Moogle Dens. Red=Fire Green=Thunder Blue=Blizzard)

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Best place to find mytheral

    The best place to find some mytheral is at the Selepation Cave at the Fields of Fume. You will have to get the mytheral only when you kill an enemy. Most of the enemies won't be holding mytheral though.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Robert Burns

    Spell Fusion

    Gravity-requires two attack spells
    Graviga-requires three attack spells
    Gravera-requires four attack spells
    Magic Weapon-requires thunder, fire, blizzard, and a weapon
    Holy-requires life and one attack spell
    Holyra-requires life and two attack spells
    Stop-requires life and two of the same attack spells
    Stopa-requires life and three of the same attack spells

    Blizzara=Blizzard ring,Blizzard
    Firaga=Fire Ring,Fire
    Thundaga=Thunder Ring,Thunder

  • GameCube | Submitted by Kretz

    Beat Armstrong

    It takes a village to raise a good boss, and Tida's big boy seems to made of ruins and mold. Holy and Fire based spells work best against him. Thunder spells won't touch him. If you exploited Toda's slimy spores for Fire Migicite, you'll have a Firaga at your command. Use it to strong arm Armstrong. ( With a Selkie, you can try using Firaga, I didn't have it, but i doubt it'll do as much as a focus attack. If you don't have Firaga, just use focus attacks. When the Skull Mages appear defeat them using focus attacks. Armstrong is a pushover if you stick to this strategy, but make sure you watch out when he gets close to you, if he starts to emit a purple haze run. It'll cast slow on you and you'll have a hard time dodging his attacks.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Very Secret Mog Stamp.

    Go to the lilty city. (i forgot the name, its the town at the beginning of the game.) Begin to go left. When you see a wooden plank, go to it and go down. Go to the end of the wooden path. It should say "examine". Click A and you will enter a mog home. Go upstairs and talk to the mog. You will get your multiplayer-only game.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to beat Iron Giant

    Once you start the battle kill the little wizard things first. Then go after the giant when he swings his sword run around him and use a focus attack. His sword will break and he will use a stronger attack. When he jumps in the air run around him and use a combo attack (if you use a spell or focus attack he'll just attack). He will grab another sword but just repeat this process until he dies.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Craig loves Terra

    100,000 Gil

    You must complete these steps in sequence, and you may have to collect Myrrh to advance each step...ok here they are

    1. Talk to Knocfelna in Alfitaria
    2. Speak to Te Odow, a peddler in Marr's Pass
    3. Talk to the disguised princess at Jegon River
    4. Encounter Knocfelna at Jegon River
    5.Speak to princess and Knocfelna at Fum Fields
    6. Encounter them again at Leuda
    7. Exit Leuda by land to see cut-scene
    8. Enter Alfitaria to watch final movie

  • GameCube | Submitted by Evan

    Best magic

    If you are any were (except in the last level on the last two bosses). No monsters i mean none or bosses have any resistance to holy magic (life and fire or life and blizzard or life and thunder .if you want to make Holyra (the advanced form of holy )you need one more additional life spell .

  • GameCube | Submitted by Yoseph (Cloud) 13

    Jegon Dried?

    If the Jegon River is dried, then you might want to find a way to get the water flowing again. If you have the Unknown element then you don't have to worry about Miasma Streams. Anyways, head north toward Shella. Then head to Veo Lu Sluice. If you already talked to the guy in the north end of Shella, then you're already set. If you didn't, he'll tell you to use life on these huge plants with a bud that hasn't bloomed yet. make sure you use life on every one of those and all you have to do is leave. The Jegon River should now be filled up. If you have the radar you might find this easier. Because on the map these buds will be marked as an "X".

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Princess Quest

    This is a complicated quest but it is worth it. The reward is 100,000 gil, more than you will ever be able to spend. First go to Alfitaria and talk to Knockfelna (he is the Lilty that is constantly running around looking for the princess. Then complete any dungeon. Go to Marr's Pass and talk to the everyone, I don't know the name of the one person who you are supposed to talk to (sorry). Complete another dungeon (one after every step). Go to the east port of the Jegon River and talk to the Princess, she looks like a Clavat with the Lilty hair. The complete another dungeon. Go to the Fields of Fum. On the soultern path around the cow pasture you will find Konckfelna talking to the princess. Talk to both of them. Complete yet another dungeon. Go to Leuda and talk to Knockfelna and the princess, now in Leuda. Complete another dungeon. Go back to Leuda and leave the town by land, you will see a movie about the princess talking to a Selkie. Complete one final dungeon and go to Alfitaria. You will see one more movie and receive your 100,000 gill award

  • GameCube | Submitted by Adam

    Selepation Cave Boss Strategy

    This boss can be pretty annoying if you don't attack him right. First, kill his allies. It doesn't matter what the boss is doing, his allies die first. Wait till he sucks air in, then charge up and focus attack him. After your focus attack, you can usually also get 3 basic hits in with your sword. IF you get hit, just run back far away and use cure. Repeat this till he is dead

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Super Element "Unown Element"

    First go on the lynari Desert Then go all the way north till you see a cactus that is green then cast thunder on it. then head east from there and cast gravity on the broken down camp site. Then head south to a mushroom like rock on the hill side past the two mountains that shot's out sand. Then go back near the cactus from the beginning and look for the three rocks that when you examine say "this place seems special" cast blizzard on them smallest to biggest. Then head west of the stating point and then keep going up. There should be a big flower that wasn't there before and cast holy on it and the unknown element hot spot will appear. The unknown element lets you pass trough any misma stream but dos not save you from any bad effects

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Cheats

  • GameCube | Submitted by Anonymous Peace

    Beat the First Malboro

    This worked for me, so, I figured that I should just post it up here for everyone else!

    To defeat this Musroom Forest Boss, use a Selkie. My suggestion is the Raccoon Tail Female Selie because that's the one that let me kill the boss the fastest.

    Make sure you have fish and other foods that they like the most.

    Now, go to where the boss is.

    Kill the two allies. Try not to lose too much HP because you don't want to waste all your food.

    If you lost more than one heart, heal yourself with something that replenishes one heart by clicking the Y key and selecting one. When going into this menu, the game is paused.

    After, go straight up to the boss.

    Try to go to the far right and go straight up to the boss. Don't go backwards, go forwards.

    Just keep hitting him and hitting him. He'll turn white from the damage, if you dealt enough of it, each time. That means that your doing good.

    As soon as you get down to one heart, click Y. Use this time to calm down if you got nervous, excite, etc. while fighting. Then, go feed your Selkie a food that completely replenishes their hearts.

    Now, click B and go back to fighting it. If you've been clicking fast enough, then, the ally should only be able to come up and attack once before you kill the boss. Remember, Ignore the allies if they pop up while your fighting! Just in case they do get a good hit at you, make sure that you have a phoenix down in your command slot. You should have one from earlier in the game. That way, even if you die, you can come back to life and continue where you are.

    Eventually, you should be able to destroy it and get a drop of the water thing in your Chalice.