Fight Night Round 3

Getting info about Fight Night Round 3 from EA is like trying to get a decent fight out of Audrey Harrison. Hard, in other words. Really hard.

We know it's a boxing game. We know you punch an opponent until he keels over. We know the game comes with sweat in high def... And we know Fight Night Round 3 on 360 is looking as beautiful as games with men punching each other's teeth out can possibly get.

With its intuitive analogue-based fighting mechanic, Fight Night Round 2 was one of the jewels in EA Sports' Xbox crown. But Round 3 promises to take things to a whole new level. Digging a little deeper, we've found out some key things about the game. First, 'Impact' punches. Brand new, high-risk - but also high-reward - mega punches so meaty that your opponent's face will look like a two-day old kebab by the time you're through.

The coding team behind the game are also busy promising us a 'Super Punch', saying "players will feel the impact of a devastating punch as the boxer's face ripples from this blow". Sounds pretty painful. Could this game be so realistic that the rumble pak could land a player in A&E? Er, unlikely, we'd have thought, but the focus on realism is impressive.

Then we have the licensed boxers. Spanning several decades of pixellated pugilists, the Fight Night cast includes favourites such as Sugar Ray Leonard and some dude called Muhammed Ali, and modern day favourites including Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton. News about this game trickles in slowly. But everylast news nugget is proving to be dynamite.