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FIFA Street 2 review

EA sends its latest footie favourite over to the handheld

Don't get your hopes up - there might a brand new FIFA Street 2 about to hit PS2 (with buckets of new features) but you've played this one before. This is the first FIFA Street.

That's right, another direct port and therefore, despite an update of squad players (Peter 'Timmaaah' Crouch is in), FIFA Street 2 is almost identical in every way to its precursor.

Oddly, one of the main changes is that there aren't any sliding tackles. So rather than lining up a crippler from behind, you only get to poke a toe in to get the ball away. No more kicking holes in Ronaldo for us.

It's also got a selection of hastily tacked-on minigames, like Sharpshooter and Striker (see 'The Lame Game' above).

Aside from these minor changes, FIFA Street 2 feels crudely cobbled together. OK, so it comes with a Rule the Streets career mode and more tricks than Ken Dodd's tax returns, but it feels so wrong. Like its PS2 brethren it plays too much like basketball. Seriously.

The way the ball sticks to the players' feet makes it feel like they're wearing glue-coated shoes. Pulling off twisty turns and skills is child's play, but you'll look on in helpless despair as your players get skinned by the opposition.

We understand it's meant to be about showboating - we get that. But being forced to perform a minimum of four dinks and lollipops before even troubling the keeper with a shot - because a shot not preceded with tricks will be saved every time, even at point-blank range - just isn't on.

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DescriptionIt's a strange thing to say, but FIFA Street 2 would've been better off sticking closer to real soccer.
PlatformGameCube, PSP, PS2, Xbox, DS, PC
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date28 February 2006 (US), 3 March 2006 (UK)