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Felicia Day is about to get all up in Dragon Age II

If you don’t recognize this charming lady from The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, then you have horrible taste and should rectify the situation immediately. If you are familiar with Felicia Day, then you’re no doubt aware that she knows her business when it comes to games. As a longtime BioWare fan, she’s absolutely ecstatic about her upcoming contributions to Dragon Age II, and so the hell are we!

Of course the Mark of the Assassin DLC will feature all new beasties, environments, and quests. However, the bestest bit for geeks like us is that not only has Felicia Day been mo-capped into the game as an all-new playable character named Tallis, she’s also writing and starring in a coinciding web series entitled Dragon Age: Redemption. Both are due out on October 11th, so until then, why not see what Ms. Day has to say about Tallis, Mass Effect romancing, and more?

Sep 27, 2011