Fallout Shelter update has better photos and fewer extended pregnancies

Half the fun of Fallout Shelter is watching your Vault Dwellers either panic or completely ignore bizarre situations. Thankfully, the first major update to the iOS Vault management game adds a clutter-free way to share those sometimes-confusing, always-hilarious moments with the world.

Images taken with the new Photo feature come out devoid of distracting UI elements, letting your Twitter/Tumblr/whatever followers focus right in on the pregnant woman doing sit-ups while a massive fire rages in the room next door. You know, normal Dweller stuff.

Speaking of childbearing dwellers, players shouldn't encounter nearly so many unnaturally extended pregnancies after the update. Other miscellaneous glitches that caused instability and shutdowns have been patched up as well, which should create a more stable experience overall. Make sure you catch up with our Fallout Shelter guide if you plan on heading back to the Vault Overseer's office.

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