There might be something gross hiding in the new Fallout poster

Fallout TV show
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Ahead of the release of the Fallout TV show, Prime Video has unveiled a bunch of character posters for the new sci-fi video game adaptation. But don't be fooled by their colorful visuals and upbeat slogans, as they could be hiding something gross in plain sight...

Taking to Reddit shortly after the streaming service shared the images on social media, one fan dared to ask about Ella Purnell's: "Does uh...that package at her feet look like a wrapped up bloody head to anyone else?" 

Another commenter admitted that it was their "first thought" upon seeing the promo, while a third added: "Everyone knows you don't put severed and bloodied appendages in your backpack with your personal keepsakes. You keep those separate, just like your soiled underwear."

If the mysterious bindle does turn out to be containing a head, then one fan thinks they know whose head it might wind up to be already... "They’re gonna rip off the scientist's and Michael Emerson/Ben Linus's head off. There's some tech or literally something in his head somebody wants," they claimed, referencing Emerson's character Wilzig. 

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Also starring the likes of Mike Doyle, Xelia Mendes-Jondes, Aaron Moten, Johnny Pemberton, and Kyle MacLachlan, Fallout takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles that has been ravaged by nuclear war. Purnell plays a Vault dweller named Lucy, while MacLachlan stars as Hank, her Overseer. Set 219 years after the global conflict in 2077, it sees Lucy, who has lived her entire life in a vault deep underground, forced to come up to the surface for the very first time.

For a special look at the new series, check out our exclusive picture of the Brotherhood of Steel suiting up.

Fallout premieres April 12, 2024 exclusively on Prime Video. For more, check out our ever-growing list of upcoming video game movies or our picks of the best shows on Amazon Prime Video right now.

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