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Fallout New Vegas Wild Wasteland trait guide

Unlike most of the other Wild Wasteland events this one can happen in multiple different locations. A quick location for you to visit to see this is either the sewers under New Vegas or, a bit trickier to survive but quicker way to encounter this, by going into the Broc Flower Cave. The location is shown in the image below.

As soon as you enter the cave you will hear the sounds of the Wild Wasteland trait going off. This can be kind of confusing as you have done nor seen anything to indicate just what the heck is prompting that sound. So you keep moving deeper into the caves, taking the right path down into a cavern area when this happens…

Those scary looking things are the Rodents of Unusual Size. They’re essentially just harder versions of the Giant Rats you might normally fight in these sorts of locations. While not all that difficult they can pose a problem for low level characters as they do a good bit of damage. But once you get to higher levels you’ll see that they don’t really stand up too long in a straight fight. Unless you get swarmed.