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Fallout 4 has more dialogue than Skyrim and Fallout 3 put together

Fallout 3 and Skyrim had a lot to say - in the most literal sense - but Fallout 4 makes their gift of the gab sound like a pittance. Bethesda Game Studios announced that it recently finished voicework on Fallout 4, revealing that it has more dialogue than the studio's last two games put together.

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Much of that gum flapping belongs to the Sole Survivor, who is the first voiced protagonist in Fallout history - all with two complete sets of dialogue for male or female characters. Bethesda says letting the hero speak for him or herself just makes for a better story, even if it's also way more studio time.

The impressive news did come with one disappointing footnote: the voice actor of Fallout 3's Three Dog confirmed that he did not record any lines for Fallout 4. Before Bethesda officially revealed it in May, rumors suggested the slick Galaxy News Radio disc jockey would make an encore appearance in the game. Looks like we'll just have to content ourselves with that android tie-in for now.

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