F-Zero: GP Legends - new shots hover our way

ON: GBA - OUT: 14 September

THE PITCH: Here are the latest shots of F-Zero: GP Legends, the newest handheld speedster from gaming's most illustrious futuristic racing series. You know the formula of mindshredding speed plus terrifyinh circuits isn't going to change but they have added a new story that's directly linked to eight of the game's characters.


  • Eight different characters race across planets unfolding a story.
  • Four grand prix cups, time trial and a challenge mode (Zero Test) offer a variety of reasons to race.
  • Four-play via link-up with mates.
  • There's a new kid on the block called Rick Wheeler - woohoo... oh... uhm.
  • If you're new to the series, it's fast, very fast. Oh, and bloody great too.
  • THE BUZZ: It's a fanastic series which has proven very popular on Ninty's much loved GBA. We don't see that trend being bucked.