Experience Mass Effect early

Eager gamers desperate to immerse themselves in the planet-hopping sci-fi RPG Mass Effect won't have to wait until the game is out to get a flavor of BioWare's newest adventure. Two novels set before the events of the game will be published in the run up to its launch on Xbox 360, filling out the backstory of Mass Effect's universe and giving fans a hint of things to come.

Authored by Drew Karpyshun, lead writer for BioWare on Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the first book is titled Mass Effect: Revelation. With the promise of a futuristic Raymond Chandler-esque narrative, Revelation sees a war hero called David Anderson investigating the demise of a top secret military base, accompanied by an untrustworthy alien agent and pursued by an unstoppable assassin.

Mass Effect: Revelation will be published in May by Del Rey Books.

February 26, 2007