Exclusive EXP: War Trauma gameplay forces you to face the psychological horrors of World War 2

Psychological horror EXP: War Trauma just revealed some exclusive gameplay footage during the Future Games Show at Gamescom Powered by Mana.

This unsettling footage is viewed through the eyes of Krieger, a World War 2 soldier suffering from some serious combat trauma who is trapped in a seemingly abandoned battlefield trench. Things quickly escalate when our man discovers an ominous hole and hears the disembodied voice of an unknown woman calling to him for help before a radio transmission warns of something that "is not human..." and Krieger responds ", at least, it wasn't meant to be..."

This leads to the discovery of a grotesque humanoid creature in a tattered army uniform, which chases Krieger down the narrow corridor of trenches and evokes some serious PT vibes thanks to this claustrophobic setting. Eventually, Krieger ends up inexplicably back at the same hole again before being knocked down into it by the pursuing monster – the footage ends there, so we'll have to wait and see what horrors are lurking in that pit.

The main setting for the full game is actually a mysterious apartment, which you'll need to explore and solve puzzles within to try and unravel the traumas of your past. Of course, there are more terrifying creatures to deal with here as well, between flashbacks to the events in World War 2, such as the one we saw in today's footage.

EXP: War Trauma is coming soon, and although that means the scares might still be a long way off, you can download the demo on Steam right now to get a small taste of the terrors that await.

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Iain Wilson
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