Excellent retro FPS Dusk gets a fancy HD remaster to mark milestone anniversary

Wide mouthed creatures running around in boomer shooter Dusk
(Image credit: New Blood Interactive)

The superb throwback FPS Dusk is celebrating its 5th birthday in style with a full HD Remaster coming later this year that remakes practically every asset.  

“Dusk HD is now a full visual remaster of Dusk,” developer David Szymanski announced in a blog post. “We remade every enemy, every weapon, every mode, every texture, every thing,” continues the post, “For you. For Free.” Szymanski then explains that the remaster is still in development, but we can expect a side-by-side comparison trailer “around Halloween.” The remaster will then launch “around” the game’s 5th anniversary, which lands on December 10th this year.

“The HD models, textures, weapons, etc will all be available on the Steam Workshop as free downloads and not integrated into the base game until you install them.” That’s good news for those who prefer Dusk’s loveable edges: “This is all completely optional!” Even better news is that “you will be able to use both the old and these new assets to create anything you want with the SDK and upload your own creations to the workshop as well.”

“Because DOOM may be Eternal but DUSK is FOREVER… Or something.” A good way to leave off a boomer shooter blog post.

Console friends can pick up Dusk on Nintendo Switch, where it launched a few years ago alongside an actual bar of bacon-scented soap. There’s been no word on whether the HD upgrades will also come to Switch, though. And when it comes to the other consoles, publisher New Blood told GamesRadar that PlayStation and Xbox were in their sights, but there’s been no official news since 2019.

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