Every game should copy God of War Ragnarok's best accessibility feature

god of war ragnarok
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God of War Ragnarok packs in over 70 (!!) accessibility features, but there's one in particular that should just be standard in games from now on.

Sony Santa Monica published the full list of accessibility features on PlayStation's website with a brief description under each one. If you scroll through the whole list - or stumble across this tweet from accessibility advocate Steve Saylor highlighting the feature - you'll see that one of those options allows you to toggle on and off optional checkpoints for minibosses like Ancients and Trolls.

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As Saylor explains, God of War Ragnarok's boss checkpoints will automatically save if you've damaged at least 50% of a boss's health bar. Then, if you happen to die after that point, you'll restart the fight with the boss already at half health. That'll undoubtedly spare a lot of folks the headache of having to restart a tough boss fight all the way from the beginning after a hard-fought battle.

Naturally, the feature is drawing the ire of the 'git gud' crowd for making bosses easier for those who opt in (god forbid), but the broader reaction from the community seems to be supportive. Of course, in case I haven't called it an "optional" feature enough already, it's worth repeating that you can play through the whole game without boss checkpoints simply by... not turning them on in the accessibility menu. Sony Santa Monica also notes that the feature isn't available in the No Mercy or God of War difficulties.

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