Escape from Paradise City (and Axl Rose)

On the surface, CDV's Escape from Paradise City seems like an old premise done to death, but a supernatural thread woven in and out of its polygons is enough to tweak our interest.

Escape from Paradise City is an RTS-RPG in development for PC that drops you into the shoes of an NSA agent who has to go undercover to infiltrate the criminal underworld in Paradise City. Your goal is to climb the law-braking ranks to ultimate crime boss and then take out the crime lord currently ruling the roost.

Yes, we've heard that one a million times before but the crime lord's "more than your average thug - or average human," CDV explains, with a hint that something far more sinister lurks behind the boss's hold on power.

The game world appears to be a dark and gritty dystopia, and you can view it for yourself inthesenew screenshots. Escape from Paradise City should be out later in the year.

July 17, 2007