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Engineer takes point in new TF2 screens

Sept 10, 2007

One of Team Fortress 2's nine playable classes, Engineer, takes centre stage in new screenshots from the online blaster, along with his trusty deployable sentry gun.

The shots actually act as a tease for a forthcoming %26ldquo;Meet the Engineer%26rdquo; trailer from Valve that features the wrench-wielding defence maestro.

Want more? Click on theImagestab for the rest of the screens.

The trailer is due out this week and will be the third from Valve focusing onTF2's classes - Solider and Heavy have already been immortalized in video form.

Valve has also said it's making a "pretty big" TF2 announcement this week. Has it had a change of heart regardingconsole-PC cross-platform play? We can only wait and see.

Courtesy of CVG.