Eddie Brock and Virus go "Beyond" in Venom #27 preview

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics has released a preview of interior pages from August 12's Venom #27 by artist Juan Gedeon. The issue continues the arc that launched in #26, titled 'Venom Beyond,' leading into Marvel's Venom-centric King In Black event later this year.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"In the wake of 'Venom Island,' what's next for the wicked web-slinger?" reads Marvel's official synopsis for Venom #27. "When a new and dangerous foe erupts into Eddie Brock's life, it threatens to rip away everything Eddie holds dear. His son, his symbiote, even himself – everything Eddie Brock loves is in jeopardy!"

According to series writer Donny Cates, the evil alt-universe version of Reed Richards known as the Maker will play a significant role in the story, which builds on seeds sewn in the run so far.

"You're gonna catch back up with that in a very, very, very big way in Venom #26, which is the beginning of the next arc 'Beyond'," Cates told Newsarama back in May. "You'll get a very clear sense of just what the hell that maniac's been up to."

The impending King In Black event focuses on Knull, the dark god of the symbiotes, finally arriving on Earth to challenge Eddie Brock and whichever Marvel heroes he can convince to join his cause.

Both Knull and the Maker have been part of Venom since Cates kicked-off his run, with Knull being the driving force behind many of Eddie's challenges so far. As for the Maker, he's appeared in a supporting role setting up something much larger for down the road – a story which presumably comes to a head in 'Beyond.'

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