E3 07: Spielberg's Wii game "PQRS" revealed

Pure, simple addictive and fun is the overall explanation being slapped on PQRS (also known as Blocks everywhere on the internet, including the video below), Steven Spielberg's Wii-exclusive that he's collaborating on with EA. It's a puzzle game where you're faced with a construction - or deconstruction - of blocks and in a nutshell the idea is to knock all the blocks flat.

Blocks can be stacked in simple and complex structures, and thanks to a clever physics model not only do block structures collapse realistically but all kinds of wacky puzzles can be created. A video of the game in action shows how the Wii Remote is used to throw a bowling ball at a stack to knock it flat, but apparently you'll also be able to use the controller to "blow," shoot and push blocks.

Many of the blocks have specific properties, one example given a block that explodes when struck by a ball, which then causes a chain reaction oftoppling. There are over 20 blocks in the game with individual properties. The game will ship with hundreds of levels and puzzles and feature both single-player and multiplayer co-op and competitive in one- or split-screen, in addition to four themed worlds with quirky characters.

And the icing on thePQRS cake is an editor which can be used to create your own single-player and multiplayer levels.

You can watch the video showingPQRS in actionhere.

July 13, 2007