E3 06: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime first look

Rocket Slime. It doesn't sound like it means much, but actually it's a very interesting new game from Square Enix. Though it's an offshoot of the turn-based Dragon Quest RPG series, this game is more like Zelda. You'll adventure through dungeons, rescue your friends, and attack enemies head-on. Well, not exactly head-on, as you're a little blue slime without definable features except a face. You can do a surprising amount of damage, even so.

We were able to check out two different modes of the game. The main single-player adventure was first up. This is the part that will make you think of Zelda. As you explore dungeons, you'll encounter your slimy friends locked in treasure chests. Set them free and you will help repopulate your empty village. Sending them back to the town is easy - trains run through every level. You'll also encounter puzzles and enemies. Since your character is elastic, he can stretch and bounce at enemies easily. You can even catch them on top of you - and then throw them at other enemies to do double damage in half the time.

The multiplayer mode, which allows for up to four players, has you pitting tanks against other tanks. In the two-player demo we tried, a huge battlefield had two big tanks on it. Inside the tank, items come through chutes. You chuck these into cannons to fire them at your opponent. On the DS' top screen, you can see the tanks, and at the bottom you see your character. You move around the same way you do in the adventure game. You can invade your opponent's tank, and if it's weakened enough by your flying weaponry, destroy its heart.

Rocket Slime is due out later this year exclusively for the Nintendo DS.

May 11, 2006