Your Dragon Age: Inquisition story isn't over yet

Dragon Age: Inquisition's single-player campaign has already expanded with a quest into Avvar territory and a slightly occult shopping trip, and it sounds like more is on the way. Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw told fans on Twitter that BioWare isn't "quite done with story content for DAI just yet."

Laidlaw mentioned over the weekend that things had finally started to come together on an unspecified project. Laidlaw wasn't inclined to say much more about the theoretical story expansion, though he did confirm that it won't include an appearance from the HOF.

At first I thought Laidlaw was shooting down a potential role for David Hasselhoff, but it turns out that stands for Hero of Ferelden, otherwise known as your custom protagonist from Dragon Age: Origins. So there's still hope!

Hoff or no, "story content" could mean just about anything. Whatever it is, hopefully it falls more in line with Jaws of Hakkon, which journeyed to the home of the mysterious Avvar barbarians to reveal the fate of the last Inquisitor, than with the Black Emporium, which added a magic face-changing mirror and some new thrones to buy. Not that there's anything wrong with new thrones, but you can only sit around and look inquisitorial for so long.

Connor Sheridan

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