Netflix is 'keeping an open mind' on downloading films & shows

You may not need an internet connection to marathon Netflix in the future. Company CEO Reed Hastings confirmed during a conference call with investors on Monday that offline viewing is something the company should "keep an open mind on", as Variety (opens in new tab) reports.

Previously, Netflix  seemed content to rely on increasingly ubiquitous internet access to keep its customers tuning in. It's getting easier and easier to find a good internet connection in the United States and western Europe, but in many other markets - where Netflix would like to grow next - it's not quite as easy.

“As we expand around the world, […] we see an uneven set of networks," Hastings said. By allowing users to download movies and shows while they have a good connection, like at work or in an internet cafe, and then watch them elsewhere, Netflix could have a more compelling argument for the rest of the world to sign up for monthly subscriptions.

In other words, Netflix isn't really looking into offline viewing to make it easier for you to watch Jessica Jones (opens in new tab) without paying for expensive airplane wifi. But it would be a welcome side benefit.

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Image: Netflix/Marvel

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