A Dorfromantik board game is on the way, and it's a bit like Carcassonne

Dorfromantik board game reveal artwork
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A Dorfromantik board game is on the way, and it's due to launch toward the end of 2022.

Developed by industry mainstay Pegasus Games, the Dorfromantik board game - which is inspired by Toukana Interactive's zen strategy puzzle game on Steam - is a co-op tile-laying challenge where players build "idyllic village landscapes, immersing themselves in a calm, peaceful world" according to the official press release. Although we don't yet have a firm release date, it should join other strategy board games in stores "in the 4th quarter of 2022 with a recommended retail price of €34.99".

This tabletop version of Dorfromantik (which translates to 'Village Romance') seems to take a lot of inspiration from classic board games like Carcassonne, wherein players lay down tiles to form a board of landscapes to gain points. Here, up to six people will put down a variety of hexagonal tiles to "fulfill the orders of the population". It seems that you'll get points for creating the longest track or river as well as for flag tokens in completed areas. Additionally, new tiles are unlocked over time with fresh challenges that allow you to increase your high score. These tiles are kept secret until you need them via sealed boxes, and although they increase the game's difficulty, "players can always start over and try out new paths" due to what Pegasus Games calls a 'campaign block'.

The Dorfromantik board game is estimated to last between 30 and 60 minutes.

This isn't the first time a relaxing video game has made its way to tabletop, of course; a Stardew Valley board game is also on shelves now, and it's one of the more chilled-out board games for families out there. However, we shouldn't need to worry too much about this one selling out so fast. Because Dorfromantik is being distributed by tabletop powerhouse Pegasus Games, it be should be fairly easy to get hold of as and when it hits shelves.

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