Don't Go Breaking My Heart review

Some films boast cast lists so bizarre you're compelled to watch for the sake of them alone. Take this lame effort: how the hell did they mix an ER star, an athlete, a pop singer and Michael Winner's ex-squeeze? However, as Don't Go Breaking My Heart proves, a strange cast does not a great movie make.

Suzanne (Jenny Seagrove) is a widow with bored suburban-housewife friends who can think of nothing better than fixing her up with a decent chap. One man determined to fill that role is hypno-dentist Frank (Charles Dance), who pursues her relentlessly. Mean-while, there's Tony (Anthony Edwards), an American sports therapist, who bumps into Suzanne, gives her son some sports coaching, and, hey presto, he's totally smitten. But that hypnosis malarkey complicates the course of true love...

It's fair enough for a British rom-com to be modest, but this is modest to the point of being insipid. The makers would have been better off pitching it as a Sunday afternoon TV mini-series and letting it plod along on the small screen: instead they seem more concerned with satisfying the producer's personal goals than whetting the audience's viewing appetite.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart is schmaltzy, uninspiring and mildly amusing: see it only if you're female and have to take your Mum to the pictures.

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