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Doctor Who Picture Puzzle FROM THE SFX ARCHIVES

Can you name all 65 Doctor Who stories represented in this mind-boggling canvas?

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Posting about quiz app Say What You See’s new sci-fi movies canvas has reminded us that we produced our own picture puzzle a couple of years back, dedicated to Doctor Who . So we thought we’d post it again for the benefit of anyone who didn’t catch it the first time round!

Click on the image above to launch a larger version of the puzzle (and click on it again to zoom in even more!) Represented within it, in cryptic pictorial form, are the titles of 65 Doctor Who stories (from both the old series and the new one). For example: see that whopping great dragon blasting out a jet of flame? That’s the Sylvester McCoy story “Dragonfire”. Get the idea? You might find this Wikipedia page listing the titles of all the stories helpful.

Feel free to pass the image on to your friends. Once you’ve worked out as many titles as you can, check out our full list of the answers (and yes, one or two of them are a bit fiendish). Good luck!

Regular SFX artist Paul Cemmick is the genius behind this illustration. Hats off to you, sir.

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