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Doctor Who Write Like Terrance Dicks Compo Results

Terrance Dicks himself has now chosen the winner. Find out which of your descriptions of Matt Smith’s Doctor will make it into a future official BBC Doctor Who novel…

A few weeks back we kicked off this brilliant compo with a unique prize. We asked you to write a description of the 11th Doctor in Terrance Dicks-style. Because, of course, Terrance became famous for his oft-used Doctor descriptions in the Target Doctor Who books we all grew up with and loved. You must remember the “crotchety old man in a frock coat” (first Doctor), the “baggy check trousers and a mop of untidy black hair” (second Doctor) and the “slight, fair-haired figure with a pleasant, open face” (the fifth Doctor). They were phrases that became legend. Canon almost. (The TARDIS materialising with a “wheezing groaning” sound certainly did).

Your task was create a similarly concise but memorable one-line description for Matt Smith’s Doctor, and winning entry will then be used in a forthcoming official BBC Doctor Who novel. The winner and two runners up also receive copies of all the 11th Doctor BBC novels (pictured above) and The TARDIS Handbook as well.

Terrance Dicks himself made the final selection, telling us, “These three all seemed to me to have the quality of unexpected imagination I was looking for.”

And so… here are his final choices:

The Winner

Ian Hewett: “A slim mismatched jigsaw of a man, paintbrush hair atop a young face with ancient eyes, an enigma wrapped in a bow tie.”

The Runners-Up

SciFiFX: “A gangly young man, all elbows and appetite, with eyes far older than the rest of him.'

sammorgan 11: '“He looked like an alien crammed into the body of a human who had been crammed into the clothes of a maths teacher.”

Congratulations to each of you, you will be contacted imminently. It really was a tough choice as there were a whole bunch of really good possibilities!