DJMax Technika Tune TGS 2012 video demo - Literally feeling the beat

Unless you're lucky enough to live near an arcade full of rhythm game aficionados, you probably haven't seen or heard of DJMax Technika. There's no strumming, drumming, or jumping involved; all you have to do to earn high marks is tap the touchscreen in time to some thumping music. Developer Pentavision is bringing that arcade experience to the PS Vita in Japan, and we got the chance to try this rhythmic sequel out for ourselves. Check out the musical madness in our video demo, taken right on the Tokyo Game Show floor:

Concrete details on a US release of Technika Tune are scarce, but the game's definitely slated for a September 27th, 2012 launch in Japan. Remember, folks, the PS Vita is region-free--so if you've itching to get your fingers on this tactile music game as soon as humanly possible, you know just what to do. That's right: import. Awww yeahhhhhhh.

Lucas Sullivan

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