The Division beta video shows you how to get ahead

The Division beta is just hours away from going live on Xbox One. If you're still feeling woefully unprepared to restore order to plague-stricken Manhattan, then you should find this "How to Play the Beta" video from Ubisoft to be right up your trash-strewn alley (I was expecting it to just say "pre-order the game then download the beta", but I'm frustratingly pedantic).

The video actually walks you through character creation (which is limited to picking a gender and scrolling through randomized faces in the beta) to the fearsome PvP Dark Zone, all in the space of about eight minutes. Beta preparation aside, it's a nice, detailed look at a game that's kept us waiting for nearly three years. But no sight of agents intelligently closing car doors, I must note.

Did you catch how those "rioters" near the beginning of the video were clearly bad guys because they were looting a corpse, then the main character loots their corpses after killing them? That's just one of the many benefits of being an agent of The Division: you're always the good guy. Except when you start killing other agents in the Dark Zone. Then you're a rogue agent, which sounds even cooler, frankly.

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Connor Sheridan

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