Dishonored 2 has two protagonists with killer new powers

When Arkane co-creative directors Raphael Colantionio and Harvey Smith took the stage at Bethesda's E3 2015 press conference it could only mean one thing: Dishonored. More Dishonored. Specifically, Dishonored 2, which the pair confirmed is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in spring 2016.

In a brief demonstration, dear sweet Emily Kaldwin - better known as "that little girl from the first game" - has grown into a full-fledged assassin in her own right. Mixing and matching powers old and new, Emily showed off an inky tentacle that let her zip around the environment, and a time-stopping power that let your detonate grenades in midair.

Not to be out done, Corvo Attano will also be a fully playable character as well, returning from his exploits in the first Dishonored. Finally, Smith and Colantionio confirmed you can play through the entirety of Dishonored 2 without drawing your sword and killing anyone. But is it really killing if you just summon a pack of rats and THEY do all the killing? We won't split hairs, but be sure to check back here at GR+ for all the latest on Dishonored 2 as E3 2015 continues.

Maxwell McGee
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