Disgaea 2 - hands-on

After beating the first two chapters, the demon princess decides she may need to take care of Adell herself. However, she's more than a little curious as to how a mere human could ever hope to topple her father, so she ends up helping out after all. This change of heart comes as long-forgotten swamp monsters start wailing on Adell and your private, ever-growing army. We trounced their slimy faces back to Hell, only to have criminal charges filed against us for "our existence."

Thing is, for demons, being issued a felony is an honor. To retrieve it, and to progress onward, we had to physically enter the paper subpoena via the bottomless Item World - a place that exists inside every item in the game. To make an item stronger, you have to wade through battle maps inside the item. Every floor you clear slightly powers up the item in some way. In this case, the Dark Court was a special exit on the fourth floor - once inside, we were greeted by a room of Prinnies (the penguin creatures we're all so fond of), ready to pass judgment. They ruled us guilty, and then gave us an awesome item for our trouble.