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DiCaprio on Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio has been teasing us about Christopher Nolan’s latest offering, Inception .

Leo stars along side Oscar-winner Marion Cottilard and Ellen Page in the complex thriller that looks set to enthral and confuse audiences in equal measure.

“Christopher Nolan has been able to take highly complex jigsaw puzzles in a narrative and put them together in a way that we could have never foreseen” he said.

“When you look at a film like Memento , I don’t know how a filmmaker is able to pull a narrative like that off.”

Inception will centre on a pioneering technology, which allows people enter the minds of others.

Dicaprio plays Cobb, an expert on the new technology and very much at the centre of things, although Nolan has stressed that Inception is an ensemble film, describing it as an action-adventure which “spans the globe”.

Further than this, the trail goes cold. The Dark Knight helmer has been playing his cards very close to his chest in terms of plotlines.

“This is a plot-structure that’s working on multiple layers simultaneously.” Leo adds. Cryptic bastard.

Guess we will have to wait till July 16th to learn just what these multiple layers are, and if any of them make a bit of sense.

Could Inception be Nolan's best film? Or wish he'd just get on with Batman 3 ? Leave a comment!

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