Dialogue Options: what games do you play for comfort and why?

This week Dialogue Options is all about the games you play for comfort. Whether it's a beloved favorite, or a busywork taskmaster to take you mind off things, we all have something we turn to for a moment of calm or release. In this week's Dialogue Options, video producer Ellen Causey, Guides Coordinator Leon Hurley and hardware staff writer Rob Dwiar talk about the games the play to get away from things and why. 

In the video we talk about a variety for games and reasons. Things like the comforting routine and easy to achieve goals of Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, or the slightly less comforting but still regimented expectations of Fallout 76. Games people play for some soothing predictability and manageable rewards. 

But it's not all about busywork. Some games, and the worlds they create, we return to for their familiarity - to relive moments we love or feel strongly connected. Or sometimes just because the setting is great and simply being there is comforting. Things like The Last of Us, The Witcher 3 or Dishonored all of which have moments or environments that offer up something in testing times.

Then there's Warzone. Not immediately the most relaxing sounding game, but the ability to share a moment and bond with friends can be a huge comfort. Even if you are getting shot to pieces and facing a quick trip to the gulag. 

So, what games do you play for comfort? Let us know what you play to feels better and why in the comments below or on our YouTube channel

Leon Hurley
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