Deus Ex: Invisible War Cheats

Deus Ex: Invisible War Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Sneeky Snake

    Helpful Hints

    Find the mutant and get a sample before battering with the Omar in Seattle To get a
    (50% Discount} and a free black market biomod.
    It is in the club Vox, in Upper Seattle.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Nick

    Bouncing barrel

    (On the first level when she says look at the ceiling you see two people talking)When you get up there there will be two Seekers let them kill the scientist's then you kill the seekers then you get the barrel by the vent then you bring it to the room were the seekers killed the scientist's then throw the barrel and pick up a scientists then throw him on the barrel. (It will only work sometimes)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matt Stone

    A Few Special Weapons

    In the game you can find a few choice weapons like the dragons tooth sword, on top of a shelf in the Japanese room of the first place you warp to in JC's Sanctuary. the assassin pistol is in the busted up room with the Omar Trader above the 9 worlds tavern in Germany, just look under the fallen book shelf and move some boxes. the Widow maker SMG, after the Templar have over run the agrology its located in the room that was cut off by the electricity right down the hall from where you can release the nanobots to dissolve the nanite swell cloud. that's all I've found so far. sure there's more. ill keep you updated!

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Weapon Mod

    When in Order church in the middle of the room there will be a podium to the left of the podium is a door go through the door and down the stairs. The room is like a maintenance room. The floor is like a catwalk you can crawl under it, do so. There will be 2 spider bots, destroy them then explore under the catwalk and in the end you will find the increase damage mod, a multi tool and an ammo clip.

  • Xbox | Submitted by ash.s

    Easy Ending

    When at the end of the game at the Aquinas hub upload spic to illuminate then make your way back up to the surface and kill the armored paladins then leo should be right by you and tell him "I want to finish off jc"
    then turn left and when you get to the junction turn left and jc and tracer tong (and 3 hunter bots if you freed them earlier on in the game) will be waiting for you first of all let leo go in and kill them if he fails use your sniper rifle then go through the door they were guarding and use your rocket launcher to blow ip the helios machine and that's when the game will end

  • Xbox | Submitted by Luis Munoz

    Harry the Helpful Mutant

    When in Mako ballistic labotory were you get the mag rail at the entrance go in past the turrent you should see a bot use the bio mod in which you can turn invisible to robots you should see a elevator to you right take it down when out of the elevator run Diagnol you should see a mini room with a hacking system it should say open cage or something like that when this happens press open a huge mutant should run out But Do not kill it just let it run out it should kill all the guards.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jared gruka

    Bio Modes

    When you choose your first bio modes think what you want to do. One of the most important decisions is weather to have the ability to cloak or hacking (integration) One that you should always get is bot donation so that you can control bots for a period of time than they become disabled. In some parts Hacking is better and some times cloaking is better. Thought out the game you'll get more bio modes than you need so you can switch on and off throught out the game but that's a waste.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Easy Way to Get to the WTO Terminal

    OK first you follow the signs that lead to the WTO and Metro terminals. When you get there a man behind the counter asks you to buy a pass but don't. GO to the part of the room where the lasers are blocking the WTO terminal. Instead of wasting a multi tool just pick up the garbage bucket on the other side of the room and throw it at the bottom laser. If you get it to stay there you can just duck and walk right in. NOTE: sometimes it is back on the other side of the laser when you get back from the WTO but you can still pick it up

  • Xbox | Submitted by xbox man

    Free Energy

    Go to the inclinator joining upper and lower Seattle
    go to the robot in the room in the upper left hand corner open the door walk in and the robot will give you energy

  • Xbox | Submitted by widgett007

    Poisoned Knife

    This isn't a cheat but a helpfully tip where to find the poisoned knife. in upper Seattle go to the emerald suites apartments remember get the master code of the janitor (500) and go to the apartment door number 2225 and open it with the master code then kill the business man and go to his bed look under the pillow there it is (if you hit them once it poisons them and stuns them for a second so just carry on hitting them). good luck (i,ve already completed it and seen jc and paul denton hope you complete it).

  • Xbox | Submitted by Az

    Bleeding Chair

    Go to the "metro" station in upper Seattle after dealing with the men, shoot the chair under the security camera to make it bleed.

Deus Ex: Invisible War Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Find the file default.ini in the game's folder on your hard drive and use Notepad or a similar text editor to open it. If the file is set to read only you will have to right click on the file and uncheck the read only attribute of the file.
    To make damage to yourself be 0 (Invincible) find the following lines:
    Difficulty]; Player Damage multiplier - damage player takes from AIs
    And CHANGE them to read like below (All 0.0)
    Difficulty]; Player Damage multiplier - damage player takes from AIs
    For easy Kills change the following lines:
    AI Damage multiplier - damage AIs take from player
    And change the bottom 4 to read: