Destroy All Humans! 2 Cheats

Destroy All Humans! 2 Glitches

  • Xbox | Submitted by Death_Prince

    Wiggly Dance

    Knock out a body. PK the KO'ed victim into the air. Then shoot the body with the "Zap O' Matic" weapon. The body should then glitch, and distort/wiggle around in mid-air.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Hutfut aka DOH!'s finest

    Stuck in the Ground (Improved)

    1. Go anywhere in any city, or anywhere where there is a car and people, go and PK any car. Now if it goes crazy and flies everywhere try again (Sometimes on another car if the current one is damaged) until it remains pretty much horizontal.

    2. Now move it directly over head of an innocent citizen.

    3. Next, using the right analog stick smash the citizen repeatedly with the underside or driver/passenger side and if you're lucky you might get the top of the car to work as well. Do this until the car is almost dead, in which case you will need a new one to repeat the steps above until this point. Or until the citizen has at least 3 of his/her limbs trapped into the ground.

    4. At this point you have two options:

    * Watch them as they try to stand up. This is quite amusing. THEY GO NUTS. Sometimes they die, and sometimes they live.

    ** Shoot a dislocator at them. This takes some practice esp. if they are pretty much all the way under the ground. This is amusing as well.

    Some credit to Austin B. for giving me the starting idea.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Humans All Destroy!

    Acrobat Police

    If you want revenge on the police, then this is for you. First buy both of the ZapoCel battery charge upgrades for you Zap-O-Matic then go to anyone (I usually do it to cops) and zap them. When they flip in the air then zap the spot in the air half way to the ground. Then they will flip in the air again. Keep doing this until your bored of agonizingly torturing people.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Austin B.

    Stuck in the Ground


    when in Albion, go into a place where humans/police/army/secret agents/civilians can not see you. go grab a human and when you have him in the air, smash him onto the ground and hold him there. then throw him straight in the air. then hold him on the ground do it multiple times. when his arm is in the ground, you can not get him out unless you hit him with your desinigrator ray. play with him all you want

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by CJ "smokey" S.

    Cloning Humans

    You must be in 2 player mode. Have you or your friend lure any human into an alley or somewhere private. Have you AND your friend body snatch at the same time (you will see 2 streams of the colorful light). The human will split into two identical humans. It is just a fun little glitch.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Craigster

    Flying Bodysnatch


    When in Albian go to the north most landing zone. There will be a religious cult there. Snatch a person and get behind the person that is sitting next to the wall.When you are behind him, face the way he is facing and read his mind. You will take off in the direction you were facing and fly about halfway across the map!

Destroy All Humans! 2 Hints

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Crypto 136

    Dr. Orluv Mission Walkthrough

    Dr. Orluv's hut is tricky to find. (It took me FOREVER to find it!) Land the saucer near the ship at Frozen Lake. When you exit the saucer you will see a house far off in the distance. This is Dr. Orluv's hut. When you arrive at the hut you will see Dr. Orluv run into his hut. You will have to defend Orluv's hut from the KGB. After you defeat the KGB, you talk to Orluv. He tells you to go to the Nuclear Plant in Science Town. Go to the Nuclear Plant and you will find a metal container. Open it and a powerful Datacore used to fight the Blisk will be revealed.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Crypto 136

    Easier Nuclear Meltdown

    Science Town, Tunguska

    There is an easier way to level the Nuclear Plant in Science Town, Tunguska. Select the Meteor Strike weapon,and aim at the Nuclear Plant. The building will be leveled, as will nearly the entire city. NOTE: Stand back when you do this, as there will be considerable amounts of radiation in the streets.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Mitch

    Eddie's Sex Change Odd Job Easy Pass

    Eddie's Sex Change Odd Job Easy Pass

    First off you have to be a hippie chick to talk to Eddie. After talking to him scan his mind and the snatch his body. Go to the phone booth across the street and make the phone call. I had a hard time finding the lady while maintaining the Eddie disguise.

    If your disguise time is about to run out then press YELLOW to get out of the body, then take over his body again. This way Eddie won't die. The lady you have to target is in North Parliament. If you look at your map it is dead North of where it says Parliament, north of the landing zone. Hope it helps!

  • PS2 | Submitted by HumanKiller#1

    Destroy All Cars!

    Any Level

    My personal favorite place to do this is in Takoshima, but it works anywhere. Jetpack on top of a building and PK a car. Bring the car onto the roof and set it down. Then bring it's health down until one shot would blow it up. Then wait for a police car or if you just like to blow things up, PK the car again as high as you can and drop it onto the street below. It will automatically blow up! This is great for destroying tanks and ray guns.

  • PS2 | Submitted by DAH! 2 Lover

    Forces Soaked in Water Places

    During gameplay

    When you're near water and the armed forces are after you, instead of wasting precious ammo, why not PK them and throw them into the water! They will sink and disappear for good. If you're in the Saucer use the Abducto Beam to put them in water.

  • PS2 | Submitted by D.n

    Deal with Ninjas


    As long as you are close to the ninjas, they can't attack you. But if you try to run away, they will throw blades at you. Careful, those guys are fast and their blades are painful.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Destroy all humans freak

    Destroy Tanks Quickly

    In the game hold the square button to bring up the weapon wheel. Then select the gun called dislocator and fire at a tank about two times and it will take of the ground watch it fly. Then do the same again and it will eventually blow up.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Anthony Banuelos

    Get Your Alert Down

    Any City

    If your alert is high, body snatch a KGB Agent, a Secret Agent, or a Cop,then find one of those telephone things(marked as a telephone picture on the map/radar)and when you get close to it you will see your command selection appear, push the x buton("call the all clear") and your alert meter will automatically drop after you call the police(stay in disguise a little longer, just in case).

  • PS2 | Submitted by Anonymous



    In Takoshima, you can find gongs in some villages and the ninja bases. These are really handy if you're in a pinch at castle kuro or Shinobi island. All you have to do is use your disinegrator ray to shoot a gong. When you do this, ninjas appear (if you're at a black ninja base white ninjas and vice versa). My personal favorite are two gongs near gouka road, in a village. You can make a battle of up to twelve ninjas!

  • Xbox | Submitted by daniel

    Vehicle to Ammo List

    You may notice that when you transmog a vehicle to get ammo you don't always get the ammo you want, so here is a list of which types of ammo correspond to the main vehicles.

    Disintegrator ray: Just about any
    Gastro blaster: Army transport vehicles
    Meteor blaster: Tanks and army transport
    Anal probe: Mini buses and tanks
    Ion detonator: Mini bus, tank and army transport

  • PS2 | Submitted by Crypto 190

    Burrow Beast

    Anywhere there's Blisk

    There is an easy way to kill blisk. First, you must have Burrow Beast. Then, where there is Blisk you fire a lure. The Burrow Beast can devour entire Blisk like they were bite-sized snacks!

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Crypto 190

    Nuclear meltdown

    Science town,Tunguska

    When you're in science town get in your saucer and find the nuclear power plant (the cone shaped building).Destroy it with your saucer and almost the entire city will be destroyed! It's also a good way to get your alert level all the way up.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Anonymous.

    Super Speed Crypto!

    To get a super speed boost to move around cities quicker is to first get on top of a very tall building.Then assign your weapon to the ion detonator. After that (this is the hard part) you need to jump of the building in the direction you need to go and use your jet pack. When you come to the point in the jet pack flight were you start to descend shoot a bomb when it is a little above you in height and behind you. You have to time it right when you detonate the bomb so the explosion launches you forward forever until you hit ground. If you blow the bomb up to soon it will make you fall and lose life. Just keep on trying until it works.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Boshajones

    Quicker Way To Get Security Level Down


    This is really easy. if your security level is really high all you have to do is get someone - like police or army - and make sure nobody else is around. Put the dance thing on and then body snatch either the police man or the army guy. Then all you have to do is go over to the nearest telephone and press the X button! It removes all of your security level, the only problem is the tanks and stuff are still there, just keep in the body suit as long as you can until they go!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Natalya's one and only lover

    The Trials of Shama-Llama

    In Takoshima after you recieve the burrow beast go to the odd job on shinobi island the Black ninja hideout talk to the leader of the black ninja he will tell you to kill Shama-Llama the old hippie guy with the indian accent if you accept Shama llama is near the lighthouse that you destroyed he will act like a poumpous windbag infuriating crypto so you start the mission sounds easy right ha ha WRONG!!! Arkvoodle grants Shama Llama as many lives as you have died so if you died 90 times he has 90 lives and he has unlimited white ninja surrounding him that attack you and if thats not bad enough he can teleport away from you, so the easiest way to do this it get in your saucer and blow the bejessus out of him and when you beat the mission you get about 15 furotech cells.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Crypto 13OO

    Lots of Damage

    When your in your saucer, get out the abducto beam. Target either a vehicle or a human then just tap the triangle, don't hold it, and watch them smack into your saucer. Don't worry, it won't damage your saucer.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Andrew Clarke

    Get Security Level Up

    All you have to do is find a stretch of water and start throwing people into it. When the police arrive, throw them in too. The more you kill, the higher the level goes. Finally when your meter is almost full, dislocate the tanks to really push it. Then run like hell.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Andrew Clarke

    Get Security Level Down

    If you need peace and quiet from the army and police, all you have to do is body snatch a person and then make any viewers do the free love dance. Once done, you run into an alleyway or something and wait.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by "Blind" Willie Syphilis

    Making PK toys

    You know how when you Transmog vehicles they get crushed first? If you don't crush them all the way, you can PK them. They keep their mass, so they are good for knocking stuff over. I recommend that you try out different sizes to see which one you like best. Plus, they're invincible!

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by The Gamer

    Beating the Blisks


    If your getting battered by the Blisks in the level where you overload the pumps, use your Ion Detonater on them, as nothing else will work. Since you don't have enough ammo, you will have to go down to the street and transmog the cars. Don't worry, they will follow you.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by half_a_munky


    Dr. Go Mission

    In the Dr. Go mission, when you try to help Dr. Go escape the black ninja base - hit the gongs with your disc gun (the purple one) and white ninjas will appear to help you fight.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by have fun & long live crypto!

    The White Ninja Clan

    Talking to the white ninja

    In Takoshima, after you've completed so many Arkvoodle cults there will be one close to the Zen Temple. There will be a White Ninja - talk to him and he will ask you six qustions. The answers are B, A, B, C, C, and B.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Patriotsfan0922


    To get ammo you need to transmog an item. Not all weapons need you to get ammo. To transmog you go up to any item and hold L. Then press keep pressing A. the faster you press it the faster you get the ammo. Once you destroy the item by trasmogging it, you'll have ammo for any gun you have.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by the original crypto

    Gene Blender

    When you're in the saucer, you can pick up and STORE humans! Either when you're ready to get in the saucer or while you don't have the abducto ray activated, press x to use the Gene Blender. Tired of your Holobob always being deactivated by majestic, well, no more Holobob, now you can steal people's bodies! But you have to use free love when people see you so you don't get caught. If your alert is up too much you can snatch an authority's body, call in the all clear and your alert will go down.

    NOTE: On the first level the Gene Blender only lets you snatch people's bodies faster. And the last part of the gene blender on the first level, it only lets you use a male KGB and the rest are a bunch of question marks.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Easter Eggs

  • PS2 | Submitted by DAH! 2 Lover

    Prank the Police

    During gameplay

    Go to one of those Police Telephone things and press CIRCLE when disguised as any human. You will phone the police but instead of calling for help, you will prank call them.

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Crypto 137

    License Plates

    In Bay City

    While in Bay City, You'll be doin' a lot of missions. If you have time from a mission to explore, try going to a parking lot with some cars in it and look at the license plates. You'll find one word on the low rider's is: VROOM, The Hippie Van's: Shaggin, and the ugly looking truck's is: KP5-860. (I have no clue what KP5-860 means)

Destroy All Humans! 2 Unlockables

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by CoolDrew

    Unlock Burrow Beast Gun

    In Bay City after completing all missions there are these things called odd jobs and Arkvoodle cults. Do all these and move on to the next level continue doing the jobs and cults eventually you will get to the Chinese level. Find 30 alien artifacts then do all the odd jobs and cults there and it will come up with one last Arkvoodle cult in the white ninja temple. This dude called Shamallama will make you anal probe some mutant guys - once all the mutants are humans again go talk to Shamallama he will say some stuff and make you chant something. As you chant Arkvoodle will appear - talk to him and he will say some stuff about a prehistoric furon which has been sleeping underground and he says to take it away then go to a mini hut in the temple and a load of ninjas will be shouting artifacts!....artifacts! Go in the hut and take the cell - you will now have the burrow beast gun!

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by DC

    Gallery Unlockables

    Crypto's Back! - Complete Gene Blend: Crypto's Back
    Furons A-Go-Go! - Complete Gene Blend: Furons A-Go-Go!
    Desperately Seeking Natalya - Complete Gene Blend: Natalya's Secrets
    Popular Mechanics - Complete Gene Blend: Popular Mechanics
    It's the Sixties - Complete Gene Blend: The Swinging Sixties
    Oh the Humanity! - Complete Gene Blend: Oh the Humanity
    The Martians... Err, Blisk are Coming! - Complete Gene Blend: The Blisk Files

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Jeb

    Unlockable Movies

    Closing Movie - Complete the game
    Closing Movie Animatic - Collect 50 Alien Artifacts and complete the game
    Intro Movie Happy Mix - Collect 30 Alien Artifacts
    DAH Wrap Party Video - Collect 10 ALien Artifacts
    Opening Movie - Unlocked at the start of the game
    Opening Movie Animatic - Collect 20 Alien Artifacts
    Salad Days with Pox & Crypto - Collect 40 Alien Artifacts

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Xarxes

    Unlockable Music

    She Changes Like the Weather - Complete Mission 3
    Back in that Room - Complete Mission 4
    Bay City Disguised - Complete Mission 5
    Bay City Hunted - Complete Mission 5
    Bay City Undisguised - Complete Mission 5
    Down in the Valley - Complete Mission 9
    Long Road - Complete Mission 9
    Albion Disguised - Complete Mission 10
    Albion Hunted - Complete Mission 10
    Albion Undisguised - Complete Mission 10
    Help You Ann - Complete Mission 12
    Takoshima Disguised - Complete Mission 16
    Takoshima Hunted - Complete Mission 16
    Takoshima Undisguised - Complete Mission 16
    Pier 13 - Complete Mission 18
    Turn It Off - Complete Mission 18
    DAH2 Theme - Complete Mission 19
    Dirty Red - Complete Mission 21
    Tunguska Disguised - Complete Mission 22
    Tunguska Hunted - Complete Mission 22
    Tunguska Undisguised - Complete Mission 22
    Moon Base Solaris Disguised - Complete Mission 28
    Moon Base Solaris Hunted - Complete Mission 28
    Moon Base Solaris Undisguised - Complete Mission 28
    When You Touch Me - Complete Rage of Aquarius side mission
    Pattern Skies - Complete Rage of Aquarius side mission

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Cultist

    Arkvoodle Cult Missions Unlockables

    Final Arkvoodle Cult Mission (Takashima) - Collect 30 Alien Artifacts
    Last Bay City Arkvoodle Cult mission - Begin the last Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion, then return to Bay City.

    Other Arkvoodle Cult missions can be unlocked by completing the main missions.
    Items and missions that can be unlocked via the Arkvoodle Cult missions:

    Alien Artifact Detector- Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion.
    Burrow Beast - Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.
    Furotech Cell Detector - Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by randomjeb

    Salad Days with Pox & Crypto Video

    Pause the game and navigate to the "Archives" section, then hold down L3 while you enter the code.

    X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, X

  • Xbox | Submitted by Dark Helmet

    Salad Days with Pox and Crypto Video

    A, X, Y, B, X, B, Y, A, A