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Destiny won't get a PS4 Pro upgrade any time soon, according to Bungie

Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion is coming out less than two months before PS4 Pro, so that means an upgrade patch is all but assured, right? Nope. Destiny and PlayStation have always been buds, with PS3 and PS4 players getting a head start on a bunch of Strikes, gear, and Crucible maps, but that doesn't mean Bungie plans to take advantage of the upgraded console's specs.

According to a roundtable interview attended by GameSpot, the Bungie developers in attendance said they would not release a PS4 Pro update for Rise of Iron - "we're all done." The devs added that they'll "certainly be looking at it" in the future but have nothing to announce right now.

It's disappointing that we won't be able to annihilate Devil Splicers in 4K-ish resolutions, or see our fiery axes glow with HDR vividness. But now that Rise of Iron is almost out, I'm guessing most of Bungie is too busy with Destiny 2 to work on a graphics upgrade for just one of the original game's supported platforms. With the (theoretically) final expansion for Destiny out of the way, a proper sequel's gotta be looming large at Bungie.

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Connor Sheridan
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