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Destiny: The Taken King launch trailer has great big screaming space battles

You know the Destiny release cycle is getting serious when the trailers have licensed music again. That's where we're at with this video, which sets up the climactic clash between your Guardian and The Taken King himself, Oryx. Remember, this time you're not just fighting off vague threats from The Darkness - you killed Crota, Oryx's son, and now he wants to return the favor... assuming you played through The Dark Below, anyway.

You'll still see lots of familiar faces in the trailer (hi Robo-Fillion!) as well as some thrilling space battles (which are sadly just cinematics, as far as I know) but it all comes back to you and your fireteam. Being reminded of all The Taken King's new story missions was kind of a pleasant surprise for me - I was so busy thinking about all the systemic changes coming in Destiny Year 2 that I'd nearly forgotten about them.

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