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Destiny secret mission or Backstreet music video? You decide

Destiny's heroic missions are just oozing secrets recently, from powerful new weapons to memories lost in time, but the latest one is a real humdinger. YouTuber Husky Raid discovered a strange new mystery while playing through Eye of a Gatelord: just before the final boss fight, shoot at the distant mountain peak twice, have someone in your fireteam throw themselves into the deadly portal, and then step into the glowing ring. Here's what happens next:

Ok, Bungie may not have actually inserted a secret dance number into Eye of a Gatelord, and that may in fact be the carefully choreographed work of Husky Raid, their friends, and Hard Light (the laser raver's weapon of choice). But with Oryx's Basketball Court confirmed as a location for Guardians to just shut up and jam, I hope we start seeing more like it in-game.

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Connor Sheridan
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