After all that fuss Gjallarhorn's basically going to be useless

Destiny's magic rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn, has been a divisive presence for most of the first year of the game. People that had it thought it was great and people that didn't hated them. Then Xur sold the damn thing and created a frenzy as gamers the world over cancelled plans, or moved heaven and Earth to buy it.

Now, it looks like it has all been for nothing with this little throwaway statement in Bungies' latest weekly update:

So there you go. After a year of coveting, complaining and shooting, Gjallarhorn is going to be left behind. Obviously that leaves the question of what will replace it in Destiny Year 2? The changes and balancing Bungie has talked about, suggest it's getting a better handle on how the game works in the wild but, chances are, there's bound to be a new OP something-or-other once the new changes take place.

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Leon Hurley
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