Destiny player goes from level 1 to 40 without leaving the tutorial

There are plenty of challenges to tackle in Bungie's Destiny. Weekly Strikes, Raids, going head-to-head in the Crucible… but that wasn't enough for SerfaBoy, who decided to create his own exercise in Guardianship. With nothing but his own precious time and willpower fueling him, SerfaBoy grinded from level 1 to level 40, all without leaving the tutorial mission.

Basically, all SerfaBoy needed to do was leave the area before killing the final elite enemy. That would let him restart the level and continue earning XP, however incrementally. While I'm sure there were moments he got bored, at least SerfaBoy mixed things up every now and then for his video. I particularly like how efficient he became at clearing enemies the moment they spawned thanks to his void grenade, and his splattering of Fallen across the hood of his Sparrow.

All in all, SerfaBoy's nigh-Sisyphean task left 62,674 enemy corpses over the course of 2,137 "laps," which took over 98 hours to complete. That's some dedication. Respect, Guardian. Now just do that a few more times before Destiny 2 hits in 2017.

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Sam Prell

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