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Destiny King's Fall Hard Mode is here! Aaaaaand it's beaten

Destiny (opens in new tab)'s new endgame is here - and you can pack it all in, because it's already been beaten. King's Fall new Hard Mode fell first to the Forever LivE clan in just over an hour of play. Apparently, they weren't too troubled by that extra "plate to spin!"

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If you want to tackle King's Fall Hard Mode yourself, keep in mind the recommended Light level is 310, and your Fireteam leader will need to have cleared Normal Mode at least once. Also remember that you're guaranteed a Raid Item drop if you manage to take down Oryx - unlike in Normal Mode, where you'll need 20 Moldering Shards to hedge your bet. If you don't mind spoilers, you can check out this list of changes (opens in new tab) from Reddit user Xiratava and get prepped ahead of time.

With King's Fall Hard Mode conquered, it's not clear what new challenges Guardians can expect to face in the rest of Destiny Year 2. It looks like we may not see another expansion-sized infusion of new stuff until a proper sequel comes out (opens in new tab), so we'll just have to wait and see what the Destiny live team comes up with in the meantime (and buy plenty of emotes (opens in new tab) to keep their lights on).

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