Destiny 2 Dawning event returns until January

Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

The Dawning event has returned to Destiny 2, and is live right now through to January 2021.

The Christmas event returned to Destiny 2 yesterday on December 15, and will be hanging around until January 5, 2021. Unlike the seasonal events for Bungie's game, the Dawning event is available for all players, transforming the Tower into a Winter wonderland for a few weeks.

As ever, events vendor Eva Levante is back in the Tower for the Dawning. As with the Dawning event in 2019, you can bake celebratory cookies thanks to Eva Levante, and hand them out to NPCs like Zavala, the Drifter, and others around the Tower for some handy rewards. Additionally, new seasonal vendors and rewards are now available to be completed in Destiny 2 thanks to the Dawning.

Elsewhere, there's a brand new Exotic ship for Guardians to earn by participating in the festivities. You can earn the new ship by generating Dawning Spirit, and you can then customise your ship by adding several engine effects, transmat effects, animated shaders, and more. Finally, there are three new Ghost shells to earn for your travelling companion through the Eververse storefront, two brand new Sparrows, and new armor outfits for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks.

The Dawning returns just a few weeks after Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion launched for all platforms last month in November, introducing a completely new storyline, weapons, a return to Europa, and more. To see what we made of Bungie's latest expansion for its ongoing game, you can check out our complete Destiny 2: Beyond Light review for more.

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