Death Metal revisits three DC Crises in Trinity Crisis #1 preview

(Image credit: DC)

DC hearts its Multiverse-encompassing 'Crises' - and its latest arrives Tuesday, September 8 - Dark Nights: Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1.

The 48-page one-shot tie-in to the Death Metal event is written by the captain of the Death Metal ship Scott Snyder and illustrated by Francis Manapul and of course features DC's 'Trinity' - Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman in starring roles. 

(Image credit: DC)

"With Superman freed from his New Apokolips prison, the classic Trinity lineup is reunited and ready to rock!" reads DC's official description. "Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman amp up their power to launch an assault on Castle Bat, and that's just the warm-up act!"

DC says Trinity Crisis #1 doesn't just deal with one Crisis, but three Crises simultaneously. 

"How is this even possible? In a word—Perpetua," explains the publisher. "The deranged supreme being who originally created our universe and now is determined to recreate it feeds on Crisis Energy, and with all the world-destroying she's been doing, she's awfully hungry. 

"So the Batman Who Laughs spun up three Dark Multiverse worlds that are each in a constant state of Crisis to serve as Perpetua's unending source of fuel. In Dark Nights: Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1, our heroes will attempt to end each of the Crises, dealing a powerful blow to Perpetua in the process. 

But ending a DC Crisis is anything but simple, and standing in their way are the Dark Multiverse versions of the Anti-Monitor, Superboy Prime, and Darkseid. 

"What chance does our ragtag band of rebel superheroes have against the triple threat of the biggest bads in DC history?" DC asks. "Will they somehow manage to eke out a win? Or will they learn that in this Trinity Crisis, there are infinite ways to die?"

Check out the preview of Dark Nights: Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1 in our gallery below. 

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