Deadshot unveiled as Batman: Arkham City villain

Rocksteady has revealed the existence of DC Comics' infamous mercenary Deadshot in Batman: Arkham City. The classic character, who has been part of Batman lore for over sixty years, will join the game's villainous roster as a gun-for-hire hellbent on eliminating The Dark Knight so he can continue killing his Gotham City targets without interruption.

Deadshot's inclusion in Rocksteady's sequel was revealed by game director Sefton Hill on Game Trailers TV, and later confirmed on Twitter by show host Jeff Keighley.

Deadshot (real name: Floyd Lawton) is the brain child of Batman creator Bob Kane and fellow comic book writers David Vern Reed and Lew Sayre Schwartz. The character first appeared in Batman #59 in 1950 as self-professed crime-fighter who's less-than-selfless motives were revealed when he made a play to replace Batman as Gotham's hero. Since then Deadshot has allied himself with a number of Gotham's seedier characters, and become one of the most deadly assassins in the Batman universe.

“[Deadshot] is after some very specific people inside Arkham City, and Batman's obviously trying to stop him,” said Hill, hinting at Deadshot's role in Arkham City's, adding, “When someone gets in Deadshot's way, you know, there's an inevitable showdown.”

Batman: Arkham City swoops in for PS3, Xbox 360, PC on October 18th in North America, and October 21st in the UK.

Sep 16, 2011

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