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David Krumholtz is an Attorney At Raw

David Krumholtz, who has been popping up in small roles in the likes of Sidewalks Of New York, Serenity and Slums Of Beverly Hills, has scored two new films.

The first is the dubious-sounding Attorneys At Raw, which is apparently a comedy finding two young lawyers ditching the legal life to try their hand at rapping. You might wonder why he’s agreed to star in it but he’s apparently also helped create the story…

Still, giving us much more faith is the participation of Anchorman producer Judd Apatow who, when he’s not making sure Will Ferrell is actually funny, is pumping out quality comedies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

And Krumholtz has clearly nabbed Apatow’s eye, as he’s cast the actor as a slippery music executive in the John C Reilly music mockumentary Walk Hard, which he’s producing.

For his part, Apatow has Knocked Up about to birth this summer, which seems already to be lining up as one of the year’s funniest films.