Dark Souls trailer unveils a pantheon of historical badasses

As the first signs of fall become unavoidable, Namco Bandai has a grim 'n' chilly new prologue clip from Dark Souls to mark the lengthening nights. Just as the initial backstory teaser detailed the formation of the world as Dark Souls knows it, so this one introduces some of the storied personages of the game's mythology. Just don't come crying about how the Furtive Pygmy's easily forgotten – because it's right there, being furtive, near the end of the video. So chill, alright?

If you missed the first prologue trailer for Dark Souls, you cancatch up here. Without spoiling anything for you, though, you should know that these things aren't going to end well for the game's world or characters. Which, by the Law of Videogame Grimness (character misery is directly inversely proportional to player enjoyment), means Dark Souls, still a month from launch, is looking pretty freaking fantastic.

Sep 2, 2011