Dark Souls PC release date revealed, totally officially coming to PC

Namco Bandai has officially decided that it totally, completely wants you to punch a hole in your computer monitor. Today, it was revealed that Dark Souls was officially coming to PC on August 24, confirming weeks of rumors and leaks hinting at the project.

There's a drawback, though: the game's online mode, which is a major part of the Dark Souls experience, will not be running through Steam or any proprietary services. Instead it's going to use the highly-unpopular Games for Windows Live, which is something we can't even begin to understand. On the bright side, that means it might end up having Xbox Live Achievements, so that's good news, right?


Above: A deathly trailer to get you in the mood

The PC version, appropriately named the "Prepare to Die Edition," will be an identical port of the console iteration, save for the inclusion of two new bosses to die over and over again to. We expect that these bosses will likely be added to the console version of the game as well, since people are apparently fond of paying for torture, though it hasn't been confirmed just yet.

So, are you going to pick up Dark Souls on PC, or have you already gotten your fill of the rage-inducing, controller-breaking action RPG on consoles?

Hollander Cooper

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