Dark Crisis kicks into gear in The Flash #783 and Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 preview

The Flash #783
The Flash #783 (Image credit: DC)

DC is starting to get into the thick of Dark Crisis. 

Issue #2 of the main limited series isn't due to go on sale until July 5, but on June 21 the first tie-ins begin, in both The Flash #783 and the start of the limited series Dark Crisis: Young Justice.

In The Flash #783, DC's first ongoing series that ties into Dark Crisis, 'The Search for Barry Allen' begins by writer Jeremy Adams and artist Amancay Nahuelpan, with covers by Brandon Peterson and Michael Atiyeh, and Bengal.

Barry disappeared last year in the exact same way the Justice League 'died' in Justice League #75, but Black Adam didn't witness his 'death' at the hands of Pariah like he did  the other Justice Leaguers, so he's just presumed missing-in-action. And with the Justice League 'dead,' Wally West, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, and co. decide it's vital to try to find one of the DCU's greatest superheroes not realizing their actions will likely hold the key to finding the rest of the League too. 

Check out those preview pages here:

So if you just read the preview, then you know Bart Allen-Impulse isn't present and his absence is explained with the editorial footnote to check out Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1. 

The start of the six-issue limited series by writer Meghan Fitzmartin and artist Laura Braga begins immediately in the aftermath of the world learning the Justice League 'died' and the memorial service for the presumed dead heroes. 

As you probably know, Bart, Tim Drake-Robin, and Connor Kent-Kon-El-Superboy disappear during the service (with a "bloop," ftr) and wind up on a world of their dreams (not unlike the dead Justice Leaguers) and it's up to Cassie-Sandsmark-Wonder Girl to find them, and she might get some help by the retired-and-not-seen-in-some-time Cissie King-Jones-Arrowette. 

If the former Young Justice trio are removed from the equation by Pariah, the reason why these three characters are targeted should be a major plot point of Dark Crisis. 

The preview pages also touch on an interesting DC dynamic - Connor's now very confusing history and the fact the current version has almost no history or relationship with Jon Kent-Superman. Jon's presence in the preview is used to highlight the fact Connor seems to be in the midst of a crisis of identity questioning where and even if he fits in the world. 

You can check out that preview below.

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